Selena Gomez Being SEXUAL with Stage Dancer on SNL Live “Hands To Myself”


Selena Gomez sang “Hands To Myself” on this week’s “SNL.” The song is the third single off her new album Revival. For Gomez’s first performance, she sang a medley of “Good For…

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  1. Tootsie Pep says

    She cant sing tbh :/

  2. EternalFlames says

    Why is this on the warriors' channel?

  3. Moto RR says

    good to be on a basketball channel

  4. Maria Rosario says

    me encanta la cancion

  5. Natasha Nicholls says

    What's his name?

  6. HotCelebs says

    Selena Gomez ass tribute video collection

  7. IIM KII says

    this is why Justin broke up with her

  8. Toria Deloach says

    wow selena babe

  9. Corvo says

    she cant fucking sing

  10. Panda iOS says

    He got paid to do that, let that sink in

  11. Noah Miller says

    wish i was him

  12. Another you says

    is this SNL or a porn production ?

  13. Keux Msp says

    That's not sexual stupid

  14. Keux Msp says

    I wish I could be that man

  15. Keux Msp says

    I love her she's sexy and hot but fuck in that song she can't fucking sing

  16. mrdealx says

    Suddenly he has somewhere to hang his jacket!!!

  17. Andi Aliu says

    that guy is so lucky

  18. Derrick Van says

    If she looked 30 instead of 15 and had the same voice would anyone still like her?

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