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  1. Brandy Lee says

    Better looking than!

  2. Nick Stefanni says

    I guess what he is saying is that Beyotchse is a narcissistic selfish cunt who wanted everyone to stop what they were doing to pay attention to her. Yep!! That seems accurate! Dude you are so much better w/o her. Grow some balls!

  3. Crystal Vouse says

    this nigga and jay z she ant got no taste smh

  4. Crystal Vouse says

    doesnt matter who u are beyonce or halle berry if a man dont want u he dont want u the end …

  5. esmooth300 says

    Get the fuck out of here she was gonna leave him anyway.

  6. Love Child says

    Lmao. Now why would wanna be on tv saying that? Should have just let it go.

  7. Constable Sgt says

    Even if this nigha gets a beautiful lady far prettier than Beyoncé like Keri Hilson – Gabriela Union- Lauren London Thete is something about that witch B even i hate her but would want to be her body guard don't know what it is

  8. Shea Hinton says

    Beyonce is NOT GOD

  9. Sweets Sweeter says

    why don't you move on the Titanic sank along time ago

  10. Terrell Miller says

    if Beyonce lives to be 90 she made the right choice. but of she dies like everyone else early due to fame then she made a bad choice.

  11. lisa jones says

    He needs to stop
    Why do they have him on here

  12. Nate Williams says

    Nigga still walk wit her picture in his wallet lol for proof when he talks to bitches lol

  13. Dwain Wilson says

    He made a good choice.. Beyonce went on to become very annoying and release such stinkers like if I were a boy and halo.

  14. subhashinii subha says

    It sucks to be you right now!

  15. Show Business says

    Did you smash though?

  16. Tamara Long says

    Its doesn't matter what he says or think.Although he's such a man not to bash her no spread rumors.not his lost.When ppl are meant to be they will be.They had their time& marriage wasn't in the plan.She's Happily married with children..Good-bye!!

  17. Everything Africa says

    Aww he misses her

  18. Tabe Ebangha says

    Who else observed that this guy is very uncomfortable

  19. R.O.T.C SEEM says

    But did he smash?

  20. alphaj9 says

    You blew it!

  21. Namaste India says


  22. Mark Chavez says

    For all the people laughing at him, at least he got to hit it numerous times.

  23. Deborah Nimmons says

    Most people don't marry their first love anyway. It would not have worked because the bigger Beyonce got the less he would have seen her.

  24. You missed out big time homie …dont cry keep yo head up

  25. DaLane J says

    People, people, people if Beyonce and him would of got married the Beyonce we know would not be. Her path would been different.

  26. Rough & Rosey Thompson says

    Wow he looks like a young grandfather!! He was truthful and respectful.

  27. Jada Ess says

    I respect his HONESTY!! Most men would have acted unfazed by her stardom but he admitted that he was bothered by it. ANY person would have…That would fk with anybody's self esteem.

  28. Texas Raised says

    Should've went half on a baby

  29. Steve YP says

    hope he got the cookie at least lol

  30. alicia austin says

    She kinda likes bad looking guys

  31. Innocent Dude says

    She will always be the best thing you never had.

  32. Fireboy1819 says

    This mans creampied the fuck outta her

  33. fashionguru07 says

    He should just tell the truth and just admit he cheated and fucked up…..BIG TIME! #tellemboybye

  34. S W says

    “We had fun all the time” he was tapping that ass 5 times a day

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