Boys Kendall Jenner Has Dated!


Kendall Jenner Hookups and Love Affairs! Kendall Jenner Dating Timeline! Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles! Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber! Kendall Jenner Dating Who? Kendall Jenner New…

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  1. Lewis Heywood says

    How the fuck did ugly ass asap hook up with her tho lmao

  2. Juliaavds says

    ik hate hendall so much. harry is way to good for her thooooo

  3. shailesh kothari says

    I hate Kendall

  4. Chebet Aoko says

    are they really "Boys"?

  5. Chebet Aoko says

    Hendall is so Confusing…

  6. Wengzzz Nicole says

    Lmfao…out of all these guys, she only dated Julian Brooks & Harry Styles..

  7. aliya altay says

    с Джастином Биьером ? фи.

  8. RockstarxModel says


  9. dc is love dc is life says

    Song name????

  10. Anna D'cruz says

    wtf harry is more beautiful than her

  11. Resalat Hymn says

    Julian looks so old like her dad i do not blieve

  12. Resalat Hymn says

    With justin is all fake cuz jusitn also with kylie oh all fake

  13. Resalat Hymn says

    Hendalllllll yeah

  14. Rose Jenner says

    She's never dated with Justin, Anwar, Asap Rocky or Harry. So many fake couples :/

  15. Protikhya Kotoky says

    Seriously, Anwar Hadid????
    I'm not sure about this tho

  16. Vanessa Ambalong says

    Why is it a lots of people hates kardashian sister ?
    They even called them a slut.

  17. Bandsetc99 Aquino says

    Anwar was a friend

  18. Bandsetc99 Aquino says

    Blake Griffin is her boyfriend now thank you

  19. raya Zasheva says

    When did she had the time to date all this guys , she is 20 or so ! Wtf

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