TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! Hello. It has been quite a week! I think I can. I think I can! Can we get this to 10k likes? LOL SNOW CHALLENGE!! Scroll Down to SOCIAL SCENE! http://web.icenetwork.com/v…

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  1. Caroline Hax says

    Best video yet. Keep it up Buck!

  2. Joyce E. says

    I'm trying to find some sort of gleecap, but you don't do them anymore?!?!?!?!!?!? D: I started watching glee with you, and this last season is GREAAAAAT

  3. Calvin says

    You said that they were leaked even though they're not, so technically this is a misleading thumbnail / title. You're ruining your reputation every video.

  4. William Leach says

    You are such an Fairy idiot.  

  5. Aeloriel Rise says

    Oh my, Buck, I was singing that song on my head when you mentioned that ! xD

  6. luigi pulice says

    what a sick weirdo !

  7. Nancy Urchak says

    I dont have a drinking problem, I have a drinking solution. LIFE MOTTO!

  8. Nancy Urchak says

    Fav endangered animal- buddy. DYING 

  9. Frit Bat says

    so gay you stick your dick in an ass and  call it the what the buck show.

  10. james Sho says

    u r really fucking annoying. u need to chill on the flamboyancy 

  11. KS ist ein Hurensohn says

    Came her to dislike

  12. Dre Carmela says

    your a grown man. Stop being a fucking weirdo. Come out of the closet if you haven't already and stop making shitty videos.

  13. 2727taterbug says

    People tell me Im crazy when I tell them that crystal meth is an epidemic in the homosexual community……..whatever.

  14. j dickinson says

    u suck

  15. lee pontious says

    This connection really sucks

  16. Louis Courtemanche says

    Your a little fagit

  17. Louis Courtemanche says

    This video sucked u look like a retard

  18. Vanja Ružin says

    Ur such a dumbass, what the fuck?

  19. Hank Hayden says

    Buck you bitch where is Taylor swifts tits and pussy?

  20. Adam Katt says


  21. jogurt burek says

    holy sshit who is this moron 1000000 Subscribers wtf people ?????

  22. Hayden Rawlinson says

    I want to see you naked

  23. jopokk says

    fuck you. I wanted to shake it off to T swizz

  24. Anthony Galicia says

    what a fvckin gay retard

  25. Ridge says

    This guy is a moron. :O

  26. Brooklyn Brooklyn says


  27. Cracker United says

    Holy crap

  28. ali mohammed says

    Funny jokes though

  29. ClashGamer 561 says

    Taylor Swift you're so sexy

  30. anikait passi says

    people came here to jerk off not see u cunt speech

  31. Nitro says

    When do you shut the fuck up?

  32. Ashley Hexenrai says

    This was a huge waste of time.

  33. jack squat says

    Buck you fucking twat face fuck.

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