Kim Kardashian SHOCKING Style Transformation (Dirty Laundry)


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  1. Sana Hellal says

    and this is me, wearing the same old clothes waiting for someone to tell me i'm ugly.

  2. Adam Travis says

    Literally like every person on this segment pronounced Balmain wrong

  3. Cora Holmes says

    Guy- Im fine looking at it

    Me- Hey how you doing im doing just fine… i lied im dying inside

  4. Retarded Unicorn 2018 says

    Back when her waist was not so large..

  5. Chloe Taterka says

    why do they pronounce accessories like azzezzories is it like an inside joke of theirs or what

  6. GhibliFantatic220 says

    Why'd they skip 2011-2013? That's where the most transformation happened

  7. Jonathan Flores says

    i was forget smosh is here at clevver

  8. Rosebud says

    I haaaaaaate my baby hairs

  9. albus dumbledore says

    kim Kardashian in the future she gets robbed from 10 million dollars worth of jewls

  10. ßasic. says

    "her armpit looks like an elephant"

  11. Macon Putney says

    The headband isn't leopard it's actually tortoiseshell

  12. Lorenzo Lim says

    Bal Main? hahahaha!

  13. MshannahOlivia1 says

    OK everyone has to shut the f up about the Jersey shore because no one dresses like that in New Jersey

  14. X Uniquelizerx69 says

    i hate sonny

  15. Richard Paniagua says

    I feel like you guys just hated on her

  16. Isabelle Grace says

    the old taylor is dead…

  17. Kristel C. Veerme says

    You are pronouncing "Balmain" incorrectly! That would be the first hint not to critizise someone's fashion choices when their dress costs more than you make in a year. 🙂

  18. Babi Lx says

    What are those people wearing ?! They are commenting but don't know how to dress

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