Taylor Swift – …Ready For It?


Get Taylor Swift’s new album, reputation, including “…Ready For It?,” here: http://smarturl.it/reputationTS http://vevo.ly/wO7d6X.

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  1. Harley Quinn says

    Me: like cooking spaghet like cooking spaget

  2. Tony Williams says

    Who? Oh yea, saw her on the net a few times. Looks like too much woman for me.

  3. scott carol says

    Nobody is going to say anything about her being basically "naked"!!!???? I wasn't ready for it!!!!

  4. Irmak Gürsu says

    Omg ♥

  5. no name says


  6. George Lekkas says

    To καλητερο τραγουδι ever

  7. Tony Williams says

    Do you think I don’t know your friends are going to say stuff to try and trigger conversation? I see no gains in being anywhere with you.

  8. Tony Williams says

    And yes, I know you don’t do that. The human race saves that job for the brains, not the meat shields.

  9. Tony Williams says

    I’ve signed contracts for some of my volunteer positions and need to avoid situations where I could reveal research secrets.

  10. Tony Williams says

    It’s all volunteer baby, I have mental health issues and can’t commit to a paid job. I just walk right off the job, no notice or anything.

  11. Tony Williams says

    You have no clue what her and her friends say about their men. It would get to me real quick. I’m not wasting my time on a guaranteed fail.

  12. Ahnenerbe 13 says

    Tengo que hacer el Amor a la americana muy pronto. Tengo que penetrar con mi Espíritu en su mente… La americana ME ENCANTA.

  13. Tony Williams says

    Someone told me your YT comment reading times and I threw a few things up top.

  14. Edana Garrett says


  15. M45T3R OF M says

    i hear that cupcake makes me get…just me?

  16. Tony Williams says

    You’re touchy-feely and observant enough to notice my clothes feel different then they look.

  17. Tony Williams says

    Your friends etc. are breaking my charm spells too quick. You’re not worth the effort anymore. Breaking = cancelling

  18. Dark says


  19. sitanshu raj says

    My favorite song

  20. Ally's Fandoms says

    The editing is lit

  21. Tony Williams says

    Shouldn’t need that? You won’t mind if I break them on others then.

  22. Tony Williams says

    You have no clue how hermit ppl are without such things, do you?

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