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  1. S elilarasan says

    It’s good

  2. Cool Dude says

    She is so fucking fit

  3. Shannon Boyd says

    What is the first song

  4. Jessica Olivares says

    She is so sexy

  5. GreeceMinez 777 says


  6. Peter Smernoff says

    Ariana Grande needs a big dose of my seed RIGHT NOW.

  7. *GermanPyroBeast* says

    Looks like the Video quality came straight from greece

  8. Ludo Gwyther says

    I wanna Fuc fuc focus her pussy

  9. Upscale Avenue says

    She looks like a little girl dressed up to look like a woman……..

  10. It’s fun time Sophia says

    She is so sexy I mean too

  11. Ariana Grande Greece says

    5:03 – The explanation why the videos are not in the best quality.
    Sorry and thank you.

  12. Omar Nasr says

    ariana grande i love you ♥♥♥

  13. Omar Nasr says

    ariana grande i subscribed and liked the video

  14. Dark Knight says

    This may sound odd but thaaaaank u for this ariana is the hottest girl ever

  15. TheLfc12 says

    whoever disliked this are totally gay ,, she's soo hot i wouldn't mind her sitting on my face

  16. Veronika Radicova says

    You are the hottest girl of the world

  17. Veronika Radicova says

    Top Ar sexi

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