Justin Bieber Addresses Naked Bora Bora Photos


In the wake of the Bora Bora Balls incident, a.k.a. #peengate, people have waited patiently for two things: Justin Bieber’s statement on nude vacationing and his response to his dad’s admittedly…

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  1. SA Entertainment says

    how the fuck is this news?

    I deserve an L for clicking on this vid

  2. Brandon Lewis says

    Whole Lotta suspect stuff…

  3. Edgar Martinez says

    Bieber's dad taking an L for this one

  4. Robert Shearer says

    damn beiber and his dad some fags.

  5. @Zytvll | Multi-Cod! says

    Him and his had both took the L

  6. A Boltzmann Brain says

    0:25 "What!?……Bruh, wat r u talkin bout man?……bruh, Im out man, yall niggas trippin."

  7. Tr Vlogs says

    My nigga Speedy.

  8. Arrow x says

    Speedy probably begged complex to do this story.

  9. Jane Doe Deer says

    lol, beiber seems to forget that he's a celebrity and that paparazzi doesn't care

  10. elsamso says

    His dad's fucking gay

  11. Tristan Miller says

    His dad took an L for that tweet.

  12. Fronni says

    Long time to c u speedy waddup

  13. StrangersMusik says

    This nigga was ready for them photos to get taken

  14. Justin says

    His dad sus af

  15. Bc Tsunami says


  16. Bobby Bitch says

    Miss you complex

  17. xCaptxCrunchx says

    Didn't even watch the video, just pressed pause before 3 sec mark, B.

  18. ITekkenSouls says

    This is old keep updated dumbass

  19. Avure says

    Yea I'm gonna outside butt naked knowing I'm of the most famous people on the planet and be shocked paparazzi took a photo of me….L

  20. seponsacoolya says

    THATS who the fuck that is on the page?…..I thought that was some constipated lesbian or sum shit.

  21. Isaiah Johnson says

    Wow if that's not gay

  22. NotoriousNkz says


  23. 306brando says

    THese man ewqproiwuqe334344 whena.f/.,cx

  24. Jesse Marinero says

    His dad is so weird lmao

  25. sahalanimation says

    "your stories, your character, your culture" . Here's an update on Justin Bieber's Dick Pic

  26. MrSanc8 says

    Like, how many likes, do I have to like say, to like get anything like through…..

  27. AK da savior says

    Way to hype to see his kids dick

  28. Alpha Cord85699 says

    Damn is the whole beiber family gay af

  29. mary stewart says

    god damn, can't anyone walk outside naked nowadays?!

  30. herve M says

    Speedy got set up for this lol, Alex hudgen(spell check) could of did this instead.

  31. herve M says

    Speedy got set up for this lol, Alex hudgen(spell check) could of did this instead.

  32. herve M says


  33. Aimlesss says

    You could tell Speedy wasn't feeling this story.He was prolly thinking "Why I gotta I be the one to talk about this bs."

  34. j says

    I wldnt be surprised if he got someone to photoshop his dick.. if his CK ad photoshopped his bulge bigger what makes you think that's actually his dick

  35. Sivetoblake says

    He should have said nothing

  36. John Blake says

    Was his dick big or what? I don't understand cause I know that bitch full don't have a big dick. Nigga probably paid for a fake dick pussy ass nigga

  37. Andrew Short says

    So Justine just got more bitches than he already had? Go figure normal folk can never get ahead in life lol

  38. Westking says

    All of you in these comments are delusional AF smh!

  39. Gabby Garcia says

    His dad needs to chill

  40. Gabby Garcia says

    0:26 funniest shit ever

  41. Daeshbag Central says

    Load of old bollocks,Justin Shirtlifter….queer as fuck.

  42. Daeshbag Central says

    I,m not gay,but I fcuked a guy who is…..pahaha.

  43. Let me tell you why Justin's so screwed up its because his fathers into incest clearly, bruh over here talm bout some proud daddy bullshit pertaining to his sons dick nigga if you don't get that weird shit outta here. #whitepeopleculture #whitepeoplebelike #whitepeoplewillgetmadthatitypedthiscomment #idgaf #futuresaltyasspeople #appropriatewhobitch? #don'tnobodywantyoass #imout✌

  44. Kinglvdan says

    Dafuq does "L" mean bruv

  45. I Duarte Robles says

    His dad probably violated him anyways… I mean feed that thing c'mong and the emoji f up

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