Selena Gomez Shocked Everyone With This!


thank you for watching i love you♡ and remember to please spread love not hate♡♡ always! p.s : the Bb2 clip actually goes down to A2 so she kind of has a 4 octaves vocal range ^_^ her…

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  1. Vocals Gomez says

    i'm so tired of talking to people who keep saying things like "she's so bad" "she's shouting" "she lip syncs" like guys stop if you don't like it you can keep your mouth shut and get out of the video it's simple 🙂

  2. Paper Doll says

    I only don't like your videos because you think you have to explain every performance .. Annoying

  3. Sarita Rani says

    Selena is so talented na….. I luv her a lot …. Luv u Selena n for always be selenator n belieber ever forever

  4. Sheesh Sheesh says

    The first one is lip sync cause u can see sometimes she took the mic away too soon but remember that this comment is not rude every singers lip sync even Ariana



  6. Maahika says

    I'm getting chills this is so good

  7. Brandy Dice says

    SHE CAN SING Its retarded people just jealous they cant sing they gotta hate

  8. Lalin Sumanasinghe says

    when someone says selena can't sing show this to those perfect -in-everything people

  9. Đô Vũ Thành says

    it's not support really

    so do you know sohyang? listen and learn wat support mean

  10. Jeroen Van velzen says

    First one is playback, don’t say it isn’t cuz there is proof

  11. R G says

    Did not snatch my weave just kinda hurt my ears..

  12. Aiman Rubab says

    What is the song at 0:42?

  13. Mia Diamond says

    She can sing a bit but when people try to compare her to Ariana it really doesn’t work Ariana has more range with her voice and there is no denying that Selena can never beat Ariana’s vocals and even if your are a Selena fan you should understand that

  14. magic music says

    To all the haters especially Arianators. Fuck you. And um yeah your just jealous that selena has been having so much attention and she has been so successful your idol cant top that. And she can sing. But not all arianators are bad .

  15. Kumari Billings says

    So basically she shouts high notes and whispers other stuff so you can’t hear her bad signing

  16. Nellie Åberg says

    1:26 that sounded like a dying cat

  17. Nellie Åberg says

    I'm not saying she can't sing but she doesn't have the best voice out there

  18. Kim Jin Lee says

    She can't support sorry

  19. Leggo my egGoS slUT says

    Explain to me how the note she was “hitting” was still going on even after she took the microphone off the stand in the first performance ?

  20. Zenia James love ZAYN MALIK says

    The diva

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