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  1. Ally Kananz says

    He makes miley a better person.

  2. anna shui says

    Pls dont Break up again baby I love a both of u …sending love from Indonesia love u Miley

  3. lin8000gaming says

    they are soooooo perfect

  4. xoxodorluv says

    Please TRACK ID from the sec. Song 02:04 🙂

  5. Elisha Santos says

    I AM A BIG FAN OF MILEY CYRUS! please Liam dont leave her ever again. I want her to be happy. You both look so good together! Keep inspiring her! Godbless

  6. Christa Thompson says

    they make a great couple

  7. lily tony says

    Love you liam whan are having baby together please

  8. Tara Dactule says

    Some people are just connected at the soul…I think as hurtful as the breakup was for her it made them closer..they look genuinely happy now.

  9. l l says

    Liam is a big loser

  10. Favour Ebeye says

    Makes me fall in love with who i don't no..!wish both of you the best

  11. RazorBladeTampa says

    That Bitch is too skinny. Yuck

  12. Bnn ดริ says

    I wish they married and have kids.

  13. I am so happy for you. I have a American Pitt bull Terrier puppy that favors your dog same markings except all his legs are black with white at the tip of his paws. Hugs. Peace

  14. Musical1inNM Music says

    he looks like her daddy

  15. Kashijohn John says

    Cute couples

  16. Jonamae Medrano says

    So happy for Miley 🙂

  17. Zsóka Alföldi says

    I love Miley

  18. Mirna Delgado says

    que linda te ves diferente nunca te juzgue pero ahora al lado de Liam te miras hermosa

  19. Joseph Hurrt says

    Miley Cyrus I know hearts and minds I won't say what I see in your relationship ship with him if I'm ever with you I will show you a lot of attention slot of affection slot of putting you first and holding your hand in public shows what you feel for a person shout t out on thy rooftops I love Miley that shows you really love someone I studied human nature body language psychology law politics international trade and stock market investing real estate and all what I learned everyone needs a lover a person they can confuse in them stand next to them be there for them not just talking about it but be there for them I turned away from. evil I don't talk to my family I have 8brothers and sisters I did 13years in prison alone no help from my siblings they left me in thy gutter I held on to hatred Jesus Tok control of my human body he lives in me what he knows I know what I know he knows for I am in him he is in me I took all that suffering hatred and gave it to my father in return god gave me eternal love for all mankind love now and foreverore fills thy void that once lived in an empty void

  20. Malaika KEITA says

    Mimi le couple♥

  21. shygirl kps says

    i love miley Cyrus

  22. lea hafer says

    It's like the last song but real life . I love them two so much . ❤

  23. Lano Raikhan says

    they are so matching

  24. Ghost girl38 says

    She is total trash, what does he see in her??

  25. janjohn1956 says

    Name of the second song ??????

  26. Rosario Rohr says


  27. Maria Rosliza says

    hope their stay forever

  28. Maria Rosliza says


  29. Yuna유나 says

    I wish I will have a guy like this <33

  30. arkar myowin says


  31. Paola Ferreira says

    Muito lindo liam

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