5 Most Shocking Miley Cyrus Moments from Miley’s Bangerz Tour


Party In The USA Dance Tutorial ▻▻ http://youtu.be/773mx3-ax1s For more ClevverTV shows ▻▻ http://ow.ly/ktrcX Miley Cyrus’ BANGERZ tour is definitely making people talk and we are…

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  1. That Fangirl says

    she is shit

  2. Rose M says

    Miley needs physical therapy

  3. Aisha 101 says

    i reckon miley cyrus is possessed by a demon.

  4. hey says

    wtf is wrong with host? "HAHAH miley can really sing. jokes on you bitches!"

  5. upsidedown viper17 says

    Justin bieber is worst than miley cyrus

  6. Gypsy Heart says

    You're amazing Miley

  7. Tierra Gravette says

    This is not how a real adults act she so fake she has this fake ass personality that she has she so mental.

  8. Brigh Geal says

    She's awesome. She doesn't give a fuck about what other people think and has actually a really good message! Check out happy hippie!

  9. amy fletcher says


  10. michele amaranto says


  11. Igor Stamenkovic says

    We love yaaa

  12. kim ; says

    I don't know why her singing shocking..

  13. XX-Moka-Kanji XX says

    She's bi or a lesbian. I'm calling it

  14. Grace De Leon Ullergård says

    i love you girl !!!! she is fuck totaly!!!! istrue   that many of the singer  they need to  show a porno  to make mony?  why not just Exchange a job!  a stripper .. will be so perpekt for thm

  15. Grace De Leon Ullergård says

    a circus of hore!!!  stick jacky smelly ugly citron!!!

  16. Martina Mancia says

    I believe the most disgusting thing she does is in the video Do it, she is simply disgusting and I think it is only a way to catch attention desperately

  17. Alexandro Martínez says


  18. popsingerstar says

    i looked at a video from the tour during her song adore you & i saw a few kids there with their parents! parents gotta understand she's not on hannah montana anymore

  19. kirby sonicfun says

    what the fuck, fuck this nasty ass bitch. she sounds and look like a boy. and is Justin Bieber this fuckin reptilian butch pig.

  20. Riya Sachdeva says

    oh my god that tall girl has more inches than 6feet

  21. miley cyrus 23 says

    Miley my life smilrit forever love miley ❤❤❤

  22. Chelsea Martinez says

    omg…her father shoulda left her in the sheets. wtf is wrong with her behavior?! grow up attention whore.

  23. treazure brown says

    i dont really have a prorogitive
    on this video i don't care sooo yeah

  24. WHO FARTED says

    How can you be an adult and report on this. Aren't you embarrassed, I'm embarrassed for you this is embarrassing.

  25. Ranwolfe says

    No she cant sing that good to me there are a lot of people who can sing better than her

  26. Mnop Xangelus says

    I love her hips. Yummy

  27. I want a kiss from Miley

  28. Future Priest says

    miley Cyrus is a deranged whore that needs a lobotomy so this presenter is seriously retarded as well fuck sake this worlds proper fucked

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