10 Guys Kendall Jenner Has Dated


7 Things you didn’t know about Kendall Jenner▻▻http://bit.ly/1w4IG9I More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Kendall Jenner is living the good life right now. She’s…

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  1. Dardania Lion says

    She has a face like a pussy. No brain no humanity. Just a pussy to fuck.

  2. Tony The Tiger says

    You forgot about me. I should be on the list.

  3. S. Tinger says

    I wonder if can break a hundred for guys and gals that can pork her. I feel sorry for the guys who decides to marry this used rag.

  4. Josn Vargas says

    That's 10 dicks that we know about.imagine the ones that she had on the low.yikes this bitch pussy is blown out.well she is a hoedashian.

  5. telemetryz says

    Coal Burner… learn from her skanky Mom. Yuck!!!

  6. michael Juanito says


  7. Angeli R says

    I danced with Eminem at a club once. We must have dated. It would have been nice if I had known that at the time!

  8. Mr. Truthbite says

    saygin yalchin my man

  9. kadharin awungshi says

    To hell with Kendall

  10. Kevin Hall says


  11. Teresa Vandale says

    And slept with non as she is rumoured to be gay

  12. Tina Knez says

    She never dated JB

  13. angeloczmo says

    Bitch a hoe

  14. Jose Posada says

    Letting a guy fuck you is not dating…so all 10 guys she fucked not dated wake up people

  15. google user says

    Kendall is so pweety

  16. Diego Saputra says

    world class bitch

  17. ymc m says

    I think Kendall is gay…she has never shown any real interest in men…she doe's not act like a woman that really like men to me…she is gay

  18. blue heaven says

    rumored but not truth

  19. Abdul Karim says

    Kendall boyfriend so many list computer damaged

  20. Yung Bucks says

    Date and banged

  21. Rose girly gamer says

    LMAO watching in for goodness sake 2017

  22. Papalowofficial McKenzy says

    Sayggin Yalcin from Dubai

  23. Flip Pieter Fredericks says

    Wow,,,Kendell that girl iz the stars in my eyes

  24. Sean Hayrup says


  25. mata hari says

    the curse of kardashan gold diggers.

  26. Gabriela Galvez says


  27. Nitro Terror says

    Przecwelona przez czarnuchów

  28. neon knight says

    Thats the most obvious tranny ive ever scene.
    Kendall was born a man and was groomed and presented as a woman. You can bank on that.
    Look at that thing !!! Gross !!!

  29. My god! Hold the press. Do the rest of the family know that she has dated so many white guys. Kardashians are going too be all black by 2040

  30. yes yes says

    Wait did she dated justin beiber?

  31. Elijah Aloewel says

    Kandal dated harry styles so stupid

  32. Gobengee Kim says

    She fucked too many man

  33. Shunny. V says

    Now I'm fuckin the bitch

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