7 SHOCKING Facts About Kendall Jenner


More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews She lives in gorgeous outfits and occasionally falls off bicycles. But there’s more to Kendall Jenner than meets the eye. Even though…

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  1. purdybby none says

    Who needs reading and spelling …. lol really did these girls even go to school ….

  2. Mona Lisa says

    Her second name is Nicole

  3. Sully says

    I knew most of these already

  4. Link Zeldo says

    And those shocking facts I can give a fuck about.

  5. varvin Karun says

    You look great and your dress,hair, and earing are on the top

  6. Ravage Savage says

    "Camera shy Jenner"? Her chosen profession is being a model, she's anything but that.

  7. ItsCharlottxo says

    Im Not Shocked…at all

  8. 21BARREIRO says

    #8 she’s cuffed by me

  9. Cassandre Beauchet says

    Actually Kylie is the one who invited Tyga at Kendall’s sweet 16 as a surprise

  10. Bob Kh says

    why do i know all these fact.lol

  11. Ilovechocolate022 says

    Wow these are so SHOCKING

  12. Yaz Reid says

    7 "shocking" facts??? Where is the SHOCKING PART?.?.?.?.?.?

  13. That One Bish says

    The only normal Kardashian/Jenners

  14. PhoneyMikey says

    I thought it was Kylie who saw her dad dressed up as a lady…

  15. Angel Gray says

    Pretends to be shocked…

  16. Lucy Hale says

    I love Kendall

  17. p34rl Girl says

    Kendall is a fucking racist

  18. DonYelle and Diana says

    i knew all of these except the shower one

  19. Violet Blue says

    Kris and Kendall are the only originals Kardashians/Jenner left.

  20. Fahad Qureshi says

    It wasn’t a prince it was saygin

  21. KaKathuWa says

    Kendall Jenner may like her privacy but that does not make her "camera shy" #justsaying

  22. for real says


  23. Maddy Yeap says

    who dat prince? khloe n kendall arent aware? and the rest of the crowd?

  24. Starbuck says

    I loooooove Kendall

  25. Rasnina Rashid says

    Beauty without brain. Bimbo

  26. Ralph Lyle says

    Fuck you whore family get real job that not real reality you pretend you're a woman but your not all fake

  27. Taylor Swift says

    Surprising fact 1: she's a bitch. Oh wait, not surprising after all

  28. clair m says

    only shocking thing about this video is kylie at 4:11

  29. Alyssa Martinez says

    Once I had to write the word white on the board and wrote wite then someone pointed it out so I tried to fix then wrote whit sooo..

  30. jio06 says

    Where her fuking pepsi

  31. AVAKIN MØ says

    That girl who is telling the news looks kinda like Kourtney Kardashian with a hair cut.

  32. Ben says

    She's average

  33. Clay Brice says

    We feel like we know so much about Kendall.

  34. Edd MxZ says

    She also helped bring the black lives matter movement to the mainstream thank you Kendall

  35. Yasmin Twfiq says

    Alissa violet + gal gadot = Kendal jenner

  36. Petrichor Ikr says

    4:11 omg is that Kylie?????

  37. Sarah Tatina says

    Yeah I made it 1k like

  38. Nana Holm says

    I'm shook

  39. Adriana Charlotte Green says

    I f-in' love this bitch.

  40. Taisir Aden says

    Kylie Jenner surprised Kendall with a performance of Tyga

  41. Yasmine Chavez says

    Okay If your a true Kendall fan you would know that this information was obvious and would know most of it

  42. Please translate into Russian.

  43. Kathryn1209 says

    Ok whatever….likeeeeeeeee

  44. wangge puppy says

    fuck i legit thought the champane bottles were golden dildos on the thumbnail

  45. Fien Wouters says

    working this hypothesis component Ms final respect wealth.

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