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  1. Arianas girl says

    this was so cute this girl have such a amazing luck

  2. Incognitus says

    that womans life was made

  3. Lub Lub says

    the fan started singing at 1:03

  4. hilarylost boohoo bahahahahs says

    you could actually see b lookin round to check no one from her music label was their,the fear in her eyes was real…..beeetch give my mike back,then runs like an olympic sprinter to udda side of stage

  5. llamaface says

    The fan took her shine she had to go to the other end of the stage. What a sore loser

  6. I ' M MEGAN MUZIEK says


  7. Gaming With Rosie Ling says


  8. Parmys Horri says


  9. Star Gazer says

    She is soooo good at singing almost as good as Beyoncé it wasn't even recognisable

  10. ChubbyTerp says

    K bitch stop singing better than me

  11. Бот #57543 says

    she's face is like jealous:) lol

  12. Carter Makenna says

    I like cried when she said Beyoncé instead of your. Like why was that the cutest thing ever. “Beyoncé I can see your halo” like

  13. Battle Droid says

    She was a star for 30 seconds

  14. Lil Bill Da Boii says

    1:05 BEYONCE?!?!

  15. Barbie Love says


  16. Sebastian Stolz says

    Beyonce is overrated

  17. Stefan Jurj says

    I wonder what would happen if she was to throw the mic backwards when she received it

  18. Cloudysky P says

    Damn. This is worshipping. People are crazy lol

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