Justin Bieber Ends Birthday Celebration with Serious Shag Swag | TMZ


Justin Bieber’s tipping his hat to Austin Powers to celebrate his 24th birthday … ’cause he’s shaggin’, baby!!! SUBSCRIBE: http://po.st/TMZSubscribe About TMZ: TMZ has consistently been…

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  1. Thana Blaze says


  2. Scorpion Kadi says

    Nice bro

  3. Jacob Watson says

    Here before1k

  4. old pump says

    Belieber ❤

  5. JustCreatiive TV says


  6. Monicasdestiny says

    Shag swag? WTH is shag swag?

  7. Warrior Lord says

    Fuck Justin Bieber damn Jackass eeeeeediot!

  8. Nelly Godinez says


  9. I am a tough man uk says

    wtf.. look at all them balls soccer

  10. jim dunk says

    Yall gonna need to start explaining your dumb titles in the description you weirdos

  11. Andres Esquivel says

    Looks like he's ready to bone the poor driver

  12. tommyloika says

    What happened? I see nothing good here

  13. Taylor Made2 says

    If Justin Bieber is serious about being with Selena Gomez and not hurting her anymore, I think he needs to man up and have a nice long conversation with her family without her or anyone else present. Then he needs to ask that girl to marry him.

  14. Jaww Jacker says


  15. Mike V says

    Was someone tickling his ass , with his leg all up in the air like that

  16. Joann Cook says

    So stupid :-!

  17. Hlengiwe Zungu says

    am i missing something?

  18. crash bash says

    jb is the 90s

  19. grizzlehatchet1 says

    What?… Is he wearing Kaynes shoes?… So he's secretly boning kanye and stole some kicks on the way out.

  20. ana mjhol says


  21. spllitz says

    Jb ready for karate

  22. Joe Carrillo says


  23. Sammy Wayne says

    TMZ upload nonsense these days just too much irrelevant bullshit

  24. Samuel Rogers says

    Just leave Him alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Loren Forde says

    Look like he was smelling a fart.. Smh!

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