Selena Gomez Posts ADORABLE Message for Justin Bieber’s 24th Birthday


More Celebrity News ▻▻ Millions of people celebrated the birth of Justin Bieber as soon as the clock struck midnight on March 1st but there’s one person…

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  1. gillian owens says

    Happy bleated 24th Birthday JB

  2. Allie Clark says

    I’m actually surprised that she posted something about Justin

  3. It's me Abiha says

    Wait… They're together?

  4. Zain Mohammad says

    Hbd Jb

  5. Kylie O'Malley says

    I like how their taking it slow

  6. Nav Nav says

    Justin looks so ugly/old in the tumb nail

  7. Bizzle says


  8. Emma Pettigrew says

    Jelena is like my favorite thing and when she posted that I was shook

  9. stfu dynah says

    who's crying? im not crying . you're crying

  10. Lamooshy says

    I love them so much there soooo cuteeee jelena FORVER

  11. Sofia Nower says

    who cares

  12. TMAC13reloaded says

    Ayy pisces

  13. Abby Brooke says

    MY MOMS B DAY IS MARCH 1!!!!!!!

  14. Rosemary Eddie says

    True love ♥️♥️

  15. Des Xoxo says

    This is cute but y’all did Justin so wrong in that thumbnail

  16. Ayushi Aggarwal says

    Well the caption of the Insta post is accurate as it did come like a bomb. Boom.

  17. Razan Ibrahim says

    How long do you guys think there going to last this time lol

  18. Ri Ranjo says

    As long a they're happy!

  19. Oyinade Falope says

    that was super adorable

  20. The crazy Kids says

    Have they actually confirmed that there dating or have I just been living under a rock

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