Boys Kylie Jenner Has Dated


Kylie Jenner Dating Timeline! Kylie Jenner New Boyfriend! Kylie Jenner and Tyga! Kylie Jenner Relationships! Kylie Jenner Dated Who? Track : Audioscribe – Free Fall [NCS Release] Follow…

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  1. Destinie Monique says

    fake fake fake

  2. Destinie Monique says

    How is she gonna be dating asap if Kendall is. How was she dating Justin if Kendall was like come on now.

  3. llama girl01 says

    Danm she always went black I gusse

  4. Julieta Belen says

    she never dated as$ap , Kendall was!

  5. K.A Park says

    no taste tsk tsk

  6. Sara Ferreira says

    9? Wtf

  7. Vanessa Manyonga says


  8. Samanta Francis says

    U kardashians are acting like real hoes nw. All of u !! There are so much young ladies looking up to u guys as role models think u all can set a better example as public figures…

  9. Resalat Hymn says

    Kylie and justin bieber ? I don't blieve so

  10. Nicole Talbert says

    Kendall is the only one sorta.. That ain't wide open like that. And Courtney.. To me they are the prettiest, and Khloe, when she was thicker. People talked bad about her, just like they talk bad about bad Rob, he sexy no matter big, small.. Them other's needs have a seat, have several seats. Just doing too much

  11. Nicole Talbert says

    And steady having babies, sit down somewhere. Lol

  12. Mr.Slime says

    2:24 😉

  13. River says

    ASAP ROCKY has dated kylie and her sister, that's shame lol.

  14. BridgetGunnarsen says

    2008-2011,so in 2008 she's like 11?

  15. superdog murphy says


  16. superdog murphy says


  17. superdog murphy says


  18. Sim RSM says

    She literally tried all kind of men she ever fantasized like a rich kid changing toys

  19. Vincent DeLaVega says

    Wow what a hooker.

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