Justin Bieber Ditches L.A. On Private Jet After Selena Gomez Skips His 24th Birthday


Friday, March 2, 2018 – After celebrating his 24th birthday yesterday without Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber leaves Los Angeles on a private jet with a group of guy friends headed to an undisclosed…

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  1. Ellen Fa says

    Thanku for always taking up ur time to video and upload 😀

  2. RedCowCat says

    Why would she skip his bday?

  3. Ghabi Fatima says


  4. Colton Vanderwall says

    she literally posted about it on instagram. You are all seriously reaching to try and make this relationship fail. leave them alone.

  5. thewebmogul says

    This is great news lol

  6. Hi There says

    Worst couple ever!

  7. Steve Hatt says


  8. …why're you posting this, and keep your mind off their business. Are they your property fucking no! Leave them fuck alone! You people don't even know what people thinks or what they're doing we're humans not puppets. Fuck off.

  9. Lalrohlua Lfg says

    Justin i love you…..I hate selena …..

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