Kendall Jenner ★ Hottest Moments


Kendall Jenner ☆ Hottest Tribute ➥ If you enjoyed this video please hit the “Like” button for me, it’s showing your support and helps me a lot. Thanks. Ok so this my next hot tribute this…

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  1. Rebecca Woodford says

    she looks like the grown up version of the little girl in the logan trailers!

  2. thepeculiars says

    great mashup!

  3. Babumoni Saikia says

    I won't sleep at all if I were with you Kendall j.

  4. Enam Hoque says

    Song at 9:2610:44 please!

  5. J O says

    What's the song at 0:46?

  6. CheesecakeLasagna says

    what's the song at 7:23? Is it a remix?

  7. trevor Johnson says

    love u to supa

  8. Hey Boi says

    im horny

  9. John Amato says

    When are people going to realize that everybody you see on TV is not the gender they say they are .if you see a woman you're looking at a man if you're looking at a man you're looking at a woman. Look up user MRE3000and learn the truth that you've been Deceived all your life.these people are all trannies!!

  10. michele cinti says

    the first song ?

  11. Vikunth jr Raghuvanshi says

    I can fuck her everytime

  12. Amna Hassan says

    what is the name of the song when it's 40 sec

  13. Gordon Mitchell says

    sugar peach chat with me

  14. Jomellin Adlaon says

    Whats the song at 0:46?

  15. Estelle Dallery says

    Je l'aime!

  16. Soul external says

    you can never go wrong with superman & sloth in the same vid

  17. TheCoolBoy919 says

    She's so fucking hot. (Starts stroking)

  18. Jeff Goldblum says

    She's the best out of the Kardashians/Jenners because she's the only one that isn't plastic.

  19. watch free says

    I got a boner

  20. ZER0 says

    i wont get bored having sex with her all time

  21. DJ Rodriguez says

    I wouldn't drink a Pepsi™ from her, but I'd drink 12fl oz. of orgasm squirt from her if she's interested in making a better movie than Kim.

  22. Tranitosaur says

    What's the name of the music you used on that christmas part by Love magazine?



  24. Juai nott? says

    This girl is hot cute
    I feel like that bear meme now

  25. Marley Herrera says

    Daem your so pretty
    an buatfull Kendal. im
    jealous on how tall you are
    sexy bich.

  26. ♥♥♥♥♥

  27. matt s says

    she's good at being a whore. good for her and her family.

  28. Afzaal Ahmad says

    very nice and beautiful

  29. matthew clark says

    Poor little whore never stood a chance just look who she had to look up to. 3 whores for sisters and mom plus a mentally ill father who been driven insane by the crazy whore he's had to live with for years!!

  30. Leslie 2120 says

    2:11 What video is it?

  31. YoureInMySpotFBPAGE says

    I would fk her doggy style then cum on her face

  32. Josephine Teria says

    Iz it funny I find her so fuckin sexyy

  33. Francesco says

    Please make another video with Kendall, i beg you!

  34. William Rockett says

    William text sexy Ms kendal jenner hi princes

  35. Arbian Joseph Fandino says

    So sexy

  36. Arbian Joseph Fandino says

    I love it

  37. Brandon Gallegos says

    Without a doubt the number 1 sexiest of the kardashian's

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