Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me


Music video by Taylor Swift performing You Belong With Me. (C) 2009 Big Machine Records, LLC #VEVOCertified on April 16, 2011. http://www.vevo.com/certified http://www.youtube.com/vevocertified…

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  1. Tina Tambunan says


  2. ChocolateCola says

    i might not be into this type of music anymore but i just had to listen to this song again

  3. E.M. L says

    This video gave me false hope….

  4. Varitoss says

    my guy Golden Arm

  5. Hidde says

    Im okay with the new Taylor but I miss the old Taylor

  6. Kieran 0 says

    Pee pee

  7. First Step says

    My fav

  8. Michelle Rivera says

    I listen to this since I was like 4 and I am 10

  9. Franca Goncavels says

    Essa música e a mas linda e bonita a letra e muito linda e ela e muito linda e maravilhosa (^_-)

  10. Hsia Ying says

    It was more of a shock to me when I realized the guy was Mcgyver

  11. Fazilat Rizwan says

    Inappropriate scenes

  12. Heyo Sunny says

    I always think about the 2000s while listening to this. Idk why

  13. Nur ayse Fırat says

    I love you

  14. Nur ayse Fırat says

    Taylor svift

  15. Panda YT says

    nice periodic t-shirt

  16. Frank Becker says


  17. Thatyoutubekids says

    THIS Os a perfect song for my boyfriend too love me better!! I'm only 8 but I have a boyfriend

  18. Thatyoutubekids says

    The brunette girl looks nothing like Taylor but how how does Taylor be her WIG!! Nothing like Taylor

  19. Oceane Ramade says

    Look like Hannah Montana

  20. Doğukan Güngör says

    çok güzel şarkı

  21. Ian ogdon says

    I miss the old Taylor

  22. Cemre Özyakışır says

    İ am addicted this Song!

  23. j vlogs says

    I love this music video more than the song

  24. Céleste Odair says

    this is video is amazing !

  25. Massie Block says

    I love you!!

  26. joe fernando says


  27. 張子靖 says

    2018 Whos here

  28. Jyoti Singh says

    2009 now 2018 still my favourite

  29. Lily Sminkey says

    Love it

  30. Letícia Conrratt Baptista says


  31. Stranger Things Loverr says

    I miss this Taylor

  32. daniel munoz says


  33. G Datta says

    2018 February ???!!

  34. Jennifer Oliveira says

    Love song taylor

  35. inna jednorožec says


  36. joshua bornilla says

    I wish the boy was ed sheeran

  37. Adam Wilhammer says

    2018 and forever. The first Taylor song I heard and still my favorite.

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