Justin Bieber’s Lambo Bottoms Out at Bumpy Church Service | TMZ


Justin Bieber got bumpy service during a church service. SUBSCRIBE: http://po.st/TMZSubscribe About TMZ: TMZ has consistently been credited for breaking the biggest stories dominating the…

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  1. Ken Kamau says

    You think this matters to him? Lol.

  2. BennyHD says

    C'mon him again…?!

  3. Antonio Neri says

    Some people just don't know how to properly drive extremely low cars

  4. tommyloika says


  5. محمود العكلة says

    There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah

  6. محمود العكلة says

    Islam is a true religion

  7. Jason Blake says

    Everybody in the industry knows beiber in real life is a homosexual who for business reasons has 2 project a heterosexual image,,scooter has a nickname for bieber ,it's bottom boy bieber

  8. Kayla Kelly says

    He looks like a crackhead

  9. Me Time says

    No turning signal leaving lol and a Lambo is one of the cheapest car to buy right next to a Porsche and if he has money he should be driving a better car

  10. carbikenetwork says

    Aventador sport suspension is height adjustable …

  11. lol ol says

    should have pushed the button to raise the front nose

  12. Justin justintheman says

    paparazzi seems so annoying all that flashing lights at a personal residents house they dont know when its time to quit

  13. Ethan Goulding (STUDENT) says

    There’s a a lift

  14. bigboss dialo says

    tmz must love Justin Beiber cuz he on here every day

  15. chr!sss ch!lls says

    Pussy tmz

  16. OG Old Gamer says

    Well that was definitely news worthy. How was this not on prime time news?

  17. addison Franco says

    I'd be lying if I didn't say you are worst

  18. Joe Carrillo says

    So humble taking your Lambo to church

  19. Señor Jalapeño says

    Dude can't drive a slammed car. Shit.

  20. Piper says

    Rich snob problems

  21. Butterfly Twenty-three says

    Aventador S

  22. John Metzger says

    Had a Mustang that did that..pisses a guy off.

  23. MOI Ses says

    Can't buy driving skills That's for sure lmao.

  24. Verde Ithaca says

    its not him who was driving at the first part

  25. Getthefuckoffmylawn says


  26. Life with Brax says

    After all that why didn’t he drive out backwards

  27. Namaste India says

    why so many take pics what's the gonna do I am.not around from America ?? what's the fuzz

  28. TheKumba says

    How is it not against the law yet for paparazzi to use that kind of flash when someone is driving!
    We tend to forget how princesses Diana died.

  29. Michael Comer says

    Fuck tmz

  30. JokerCirca66 says

    That's a badass fucking car. Doesn't matter if he scrapped the bottom, it will be fine, plus he'll trade it in for a newer one next year.

  31. That’s what the front lift is for

  32. im Shax says

    idiot, it has a lift system for a reason.. he drove off with it lifted up tho..

  33. Gary Ko says

    Push button, Raise it, and drive on an angle like ur supposed to. Lil rich kids need to be taught these things. He's got money for another one anyway.

  34. DJMegaHurtz says

    Copped that Zentorno from playing all that Rooftop Rumble I see

  35. Dr Sir says

    Yeesh take at an angle atleast, if your not gonna use the front raise suspension. He aint about that lowlife

  36. Reina Arana says

    Well if JB did ruin his lambo he can afford to fix it or by a new one

  37. Taka says

    thats lambo is chump change to him

  38. Kenn's Instagram At: i000 says

    Broke rule 1, but leaving the front left up.

  39. Perfecz says

    The fact people make a living stalking and harassing other people is fucking sad. And they will say they are just a “reporter”

  40. Jesper says

    "Bottoms out" lol

  41. Hau Lian says

    Wow all these people taking pics and flashes everything
    That’s actually sad

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