Beyonce Sexy Chair Dance (Antwerp, Sportpaleis 21.03, Mrs. Carter Show World Tour FRONT ROW) Live HD


Beyonce performing live at the Mrs Carter Show World tour, second european leg, 2014 edition, full hd video shot from the front row/First row concert Sportpaleis Antwerp, Antwerpen, Sportpaleis,…

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  1. Davonte Bell says

    Love the quality of these videos of The Mrs. Carter Show 2014!!!! Did you record the entire show with the interludes? If you recorded it, do you have an audio of the concert?

  2. Davonte Bell says

    Either Antwerp or Manchester shows in audio format please?


    I mean not here not now youtube bless okay

  4. TheSlimmshadyy says

    i understand the thing about lighting effects but a little light would be appreciated

  5. Shelly Ann says

    She copied the WHOLE routine from a cabaret show in Paris called Crazy Horse.

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