Taylor Swift’s Winning Reactions


SWSRNF has a new addressing method: Her initials are T & S. Therefore, SWSRNF can be addressed with a verb: There’s, That, This, The. Follow by a noun: Someone, Somebody, Something, Shit.

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  1. Final Song says

    Ohh! Look what you made she does

  2. djguapo says

    0:58 before The Feud™

  3. MrJTYoung7 says

    I don't understand the hate. How are you NOT shocked when you when something? Just any excuse to diss and talk shit about this woman

  4. Diren Dönmez says

    Shes just perfect you idiot.

  5. Eveline Lhink says


  6. Raditya Lin says

    You should put her reaction for daft punk random access memory at grammy album of the year

  7. Jonathan Silva says

    ridiculous and fake

  8. Sandyisabutthead xoxoxo says

    There's no point in hating on her, she's more successful than all of us combined

  9. 1989 says

    the ending was so tragical lmao TAYLOR HAS SUCH A BIG HEART WHY CANT U SEE IT

  10. shivani berman says

    She is the real star and she is the best

  11. Jessica Hannabel says

    She can’t sing? She has billions of fans so she must be doing something right. I think she’s awesome!!

  12. a mess says

    Because people are supposed to give no damn when they win award shows lol

  13. Maddy Grabham says

    You are stupid

  14. Aakarsh S. says

    Taylor ended all this troll and hate with her LWYMMD music video. Poor girl, had to go through all this.

  15. gustiny124 says

    Next time i win something at my workplace, i have to look angry.

  16. Not Undercover says

    At least a surprise face is better than 'I know I'd win' face

  17. Jennie Animations says

    I miss the old taylor

  18. Luisa Peralta says

    if you would ever be even able to actually win something that matters, i dont think you would act any different than she does. And just for the record, you are patetic to criticized a person with talent winning awesome stuff when you are alone in your room with nothing better to do than act with jelousy.

  19. Jain Manari says

    People really can't understand her personality, she is just being herself, Taylor is sweet, pure and innocent

  20. Once Upon A Blink says

    I can’t hear to watch a funny video I didn’t expect this to be a hate video there’s really no point of hating

  21. Kurt Lagasca says

    Every time people say she’s the fakest person in hollywood or the most untalented one in the whole world I just think or ask myself how people can be so rude, and why they do it. This girl clearly has talent and can sing and why shouldn’t she be happy that she won an award, it’s just another thing for her to add on her list of milestones. To whoever made this video you clearly have no ears or sympathy or kindness in you….. I hope you die

  22. anthonyok says

    Love the subtitles. V funny

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