Taylor Swift Reputation Album NEW SONG 2017 LEAK! | Taylor Swift NEW SONG


Waiting eagerly for Taylor Swift’s new music? We have news for you right here. Hit PLAY on the video and get the entire scoop right here. Report By Korak Roy. Edited By Sunil Dhanve. Footage…

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  1. Selenator mixer says

    I'm so excited for her new album

  2. Alfredo Collum says

    Glad she is back the 10 time Grammy Award Winner!!!

  3. Leanna Beale says


  4. this is the best album cover she has ever made!!! RELEASE THE SINGLE ALREADY!!!

  5. Esther S says

    I'm so nervous what time does it come out?

  6. Nate Van Slyke says

    I'm so excited to hear her new song get dropped

  7. MENLICÈ Vevo says

    I don't understand how you call her a queen coz she can't even sing, I love her music but she is mediocre and has a bad personality

  8. Graham M says

    I'm early whats up unlucky 13th comment

  9. Lee Sin JG says

    You fucking degenerate, click baiting fuckwits. Don't watch the video guys, don't give them ad revenue.


  10. ectazygirl says

    I HATE HER SONGS!!!!!!!! NO MORE!!!!!!

  11. Killa Mandelly says


  12. It's Fake Msp says

    1 fucking minute omg

  13. Dayana Fernandez says

    Poor Taylor Swift, she used to be so nice and innocent, and she's turned into a monster. The day she stops selling, because she's already begun to suck, she's going to end up like Lindsay Lohan. She should have stayed country.

  14. Hiroshi Hamada says

    Clickbait! Sing-ger lul

  15. Jenny Alaniz says

    Where can I c it plz

  16. eevenz says

    Taylor Swift's family… Funniest 5 ever… Tamer land tsar seven the tsar of drugs with sullen and sullen burger cutting up the sense with Alvin Harrison doundodoooo

  17. R MCK says


  18. Hannah Thibaudeau says

    i feel like taylor is overrated there's plenty of talented people in the world

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