Taylor Swift Basically Naked In Futuristic ‘…Ready For It?’ Music Video


Taylor Swift releases a teaser for ‘…Ready For It?’ music video! Grace Baldridge and Jason Carter watch it and discuss what they expect to see from the music video. Are you excited? What’s…

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  1. ThePhilosopher1748 says

    I remember when people wrote love songs. Now every song is about roasting your enemies, getting screwed so hard you can't walk right, getting revenge on a man, dissing some guy by telling him your name is no, or generally being angry at men.

  2. Lynn Johnson says


  3. amazingblur says

    So annoying

  4. Veronique Ramirez says

    Her boobs and thighs are NOT that big in person. Smh.

  5. Porn Naked says

    Basically saw nothing at all

  6. Kevon Thomas says

    Take that shit down.she is so stupid dumb plus dumbest .that is a video to make bunch of dumb ass .whack hole

  7. alx64gr says

    Fifth Element? did no one go see the 2017 Ghost in the Shell? Common..

  8. J. Jun says

    Jason's becoming my favorite commentator.

  9. Cameron Angel says

    She wishes that was her body

  10. Sub Samadhi says

    Are you ready for it? Her not actually being naked for 2 seconds. Yes. I am not ready.

  11. Zack Gravity says

    Wears full body suit = "basically naked". The fuck?

  12. Roberto Torres says

    May as well be naked,that body suit does nothing for the imagination

  13. Luke Reynolds heman says

    Yeah Taylor swear will naked if you come in Dubbo I make you but your boobs send me some photos of your vagina and your bum how's it going Taylor Swift greatest fan I love you then we day I love you Nerang DVD Luke Reynolds you want to have sex baby saturday night want to call me tonight I see you come over and you want to come with me

  14. DeWanna Bonner says

    Is that a dude, or a lesbian?

  15. Sherry Spang says


  16. DV6000victim says

    Waste of a click.

  17. Ranjan Nandi says


  18. Ranjan Nandi says


  19. Troy Daigle says

    I wanna lick her and Jennifer love Hewitt pussy

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