Kendall Jenner Poses NUDE with a Cigarette for Instagram


A nude photo scandal isn’t anything new to Hollywood’s A-list celebrities, but after the kind of year Kendall has had with public campaigns and lawsuits… you’d think Uh-Oh this isn’t…

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  1. Alimozzaman Durjoy says


  2. Belkisa Dolicanin says

  3. Prince of Darkness says

    I really think that she doesn't smoke but its kinda stupid how people think taking a photo with a cigarette will make them look cooler. She clearly did it to look more "cool" and to get people talking.

  4. abhay kumar says

    no shame

  5. Geraldine Braxton says


  6. Chantell Vlogs says

    Who gives a shit

  7. Balla Don says

    talk aout rihanna looking really pregnant..

  8. William Chico says

    I love the naked Kendall Jenner, and she looks more prettier than The Naked Maja, eh?

  9. Nelly Carrillo says

    Come on is so obviously . She said "I don't smoke " is a way to said I do smoke who gets a fuck ….. she just try to be sarcastic. Daaaaaaaasa

  10. Fatmata H Bangura says

    Can't believe she is getting naked just for likes

  11. Nerdart says

    Stop making news about the Kardashians/Jenners. I usually defend you because I love them, but you've done it so much that you've forgotten to mention other great news. We don't need a report, every time they move. They live their lives on camera.

  12. Adam says

    False statement! It's not for Instagram it's from a photoshoot that she happened she share on Instagram. Fucking media.

  13. Natalia Stornello says

    Kendall looks hot though

  14. Lori Ann Reese says

    My marketing gut tells me… Kris Jenner released the photo. She is alleged to release photo's, sex tapes, etc… to pimp out her daughters to the media, and re-gen the Kardashian brand. Kinda sick if its true.

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