Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Post FIRST Photo Together Since Stormi’s Birth, But WHAT Does It Mean?


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott posted their first photo together following the birth of Stormi! Though the two stars are slowly opening up about their new life together on social media, they’re…

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  1. pwetty kwin dej says

    This channel is obviously just about the Kardashians especially Kylie……. Wat a wow

  2. Ayesha Fernandez says

    When will you stop talking about these people and move on ugh!

  3. Andrea A says

    Most likely their not even together anymore . They just want to protect her reputation

  4. إيمان إيريكا says

    I ship KYGA. ✨

  5. Trina More says

    Obviously that's a photo that was taken DURING the birth just now being released. They're NOT together.

  6. knowlight knowright says

    That baby is too white skinned to be Travis's!!!! He is ugly as sin too!

  7. knowlight knowright says

    That baby is too white skinned to be Travis's!!!! He is ugly as sin too!

  8. Zara :/ says

    736 view

  9. Andrea p says

    You are clearly obsessed with this family! How about some worthy news not this stupid bullshit you post!

  10. drugoime says

    They are definitely infantile unstable couple too much self absorbed wannabe….wont last

  11. youtube university says

    People kissing on babies… even healthy People……can carry germs. This one kid died in 3 days from mono cuz of kisses at a wedding. Newborn's sleep 20 hrs a day…..your not sleep deprivation cuz of a baby Bein up all hours. Your sleep deprived cuz your excited and it's New….. For the first month at least

  12. Anja Van I says


  13. cemir la says

    Honestly think these men are more in love with money than they are with the kardashian/jenners lol. Travis even said it himself that he just wants to make his way through the family. Funny how the three men in the family have all been accused of either using people or abandoning their family for those women… not really a good luck but shows how desperate this men truly are for more fame and i guess after being with justine and kendall jenner travis finallygot what he wanted

  14. chosen generation says

    How is this news . Next Kylie drinks water ????

  15. Christina Thomas says


  16. DreamAngel1967 says

    That looks like Tyga more than it does Travis

  17. Theresa Nicole says

    Ohhh yes a picture of them wearing mask how fkn romantic you can tell he's so in love with kylie. WTF THATS THE DUMBEST SHIT EVER!!! He doesn't even want to be with her omg ppl are idiots

  18. May Ross says

    Baby daddy Jaques x kylie jenner no drama

  19. Enrique Peña Nieto says

    theyve never posted a pic together even before the accidental pregnancy

  20. M_ Blogs says

    thats so cute!

  21. Tiffany Moore says

    Great sounds like she's taking motherhood seriously. So happy for her!

  22. sadaf I says

    poor baby with such a strict/ protective parents

  23. marie q says

    I'm happy kylie settled down and is with one man

  24. marie q says

    Beautiful family

  25. kit kat21 says


  26. Andrea Brantley says

    (Why did she hide her whole Pregnancy??!… That's silly., (people need to stop making excuses for people like her)

  27. Veronica Chavez says

    just let the world know Kylie that Stormi daddy is Tyga.she looks just like him

  28. Aussie Mate says

    sorry .. who gives a shit?

  29. Willow DaLah says

    Surgical masks do nothing when it comes to germs that are air-born like the flu. The masks are so your bodily fluids (or the doctors) when in surgery don’t get into open wounds & make you more sick.

  30. Ronald Roy713 says

    Y’all are idiot. They’re making a makeup thing for stormi. Everybody wears them in the Lab

  31. Samuel Chappell says

    Typical first time parental worries. Kylie and Travis should just let things play out as normal as possible because neither of them will be able to protect Stormi from all bacteria and viruses unless they want to live in a sterilized environment forever. This kid needs to be exposed to all of what is in the world gradually so the child can build up her immune system. Since they are both wealthy, they can keep the doctors on speed dial for emergencies, and being in Hollywood, only the best doctors live there.

  32. STOPBeautyTime011 says

    No need for the Intros just start playing the story …. we click for the title not you to yak yak

  33. Bailey Toon says

    why do everybody have it in their head they if they dont post a pic on social media it means they aren't together, or he doesn't want to be in the babies life. their was such thing as life before the internet you know, nobody has to prove nothing on the internet, let them have some privacy

  34. Alyssa Rodriguez says

    I think Kylie Jenner is trying to protect her baby from the flu virus and Travis Scott my mom cousin dead because of the flu

  35. selena says

    she's already a cute mom lol

  36. Natalia Stornello says

    I hope Kylie & Travis break up

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