Taylor Swift Hottest Compilation – 1


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  1. tyfranklin1 says

    Drop to your knees and worship Goddess Taylor

  2. Kyra Moore says

    she's way hot then katy parry

  3. OneOnOne1162 says

    Her lips are fucking perfection.

  4. jorge haagen says

    Not sexy

  5. Snake Joy says

    I feel sorry for people who refuse to acknowledge how hot she is

  6. john smith says

    perfect in every way !

  7. Hugo Stiglitz says

    for such a skinny chick she really has a nice pair of perky boobs

  8. Griffin Worster says

    shes flatter than sheet cake

  9. creates100 says

    gorgeous all American woman

  10. Ma Dawg says

    please do one of hillary clinton

  11. Axel Irizarry says

    Me gustaría rajarle el culo de tanto meterselo

  12. Goku Son says

    she has no Ass

  13. sumerbc says

    Lets hope she doesn't become a victim of plastic surgery later in life.

  14. Asadian Belifont says

    Katy Perry has way curvier seductive figure. Except now she looks like an SJW feminist, so I'll go with Taylor until she grows her hair back.

  15. Friar Talk says

    She's cute, too bad she is so stupid and doesn't have an ass

  16. Gol bert says

    I was definitely NOT checking her out!

  17. Harry Jenkins says

    If anyone wants to go see her being real whorish and listen to some amazing music at the same time just watch her sing pour some sugar with Deff leopard

  18. Andy Garrett says

    One of the hottest videos on the internet

  19. Rezoan Nur says

    1:07 that ass

  20. YCLMTO says

    Why am I here

  21. Daniel Boyle says

    Very pretty… but she has NO ass!

  22. Dingo Wendingo says

    I wanna smash her ass

  23. Chelsea Mercer says

    For people who are saying that Taylor has no figure: everyone has a different body…and some people can not help it…she is a little thinner now then she was earlier on in her career but perhaps she is under stress, which can wreak havoc on a persons body and they will either gain or lose weight, she is sort of like a runway model type. I like Taylor because I feel that she has a wholesome type of beauty that is not overly sexy or provocative like say, Megan fox or the kardashians.

  24. Jimmy snail says

    Hot broomstick.

  25. Freeszore says

    404 ass not found

  26. 12/20 Productions says

    She needs an ass. Like, not just one for pooping, but one that doesn't look as flat like it was literally flattened by a steamroller.

  27. bob and vegana 4 trump says

    She ugly

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