Kylie Jenner Shows Off Baby Stormi & New Ferrari | Hollywoodlife


Kylie Jenner shares a new video of baby Stormi. Also, Travis Scott may have bought Kylie a new Ferrari to outdo Tyga. Subscribe to Hollywoodlife: Kylie Jenner just…

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  1. Patrica Dyson says

    This family is like watching a circus..funny…

  2. Lynn Tran says

    when you talk about the Kardashian or jenner, these people are extremely self centered and hollow on the inside. vanity and pomposity are inborn traits of these scary human beings. they can easily fool others to make them believe that they are naturally beautiful. when in reality, their narrow noses, chubby buttocks and large breasts are the results of low self esteems that control their emotions and impulses.

  3. Wendy Summers says

    That microphone .. cringe.. no need

  4. Monica Zhang says

    That Ferrari is almost as expensive as my house!

  5. flameout12345 says

    He gave her a rental as a gift?

  6. Abriella Paulino says

    Omg I want laferrari

  7. gymgirls122 says

    Poor Kylie

  8. TE says

    he better save his money we all know what happen to rappers

  9. It's Me Eliesa says


  10. Menawo Rigg says

    People stop hating. There are people like me who want to know everything the Kardashians do. I lurk online all day waiting for their golden posts.

  11. Sexy Chia 첸 says

    I would never spend that much money on a car lol
    Even if I had the money

  12. FictionalFangirl says

    Literally everyone was complaining about the app, but snapchat refused to listen to feedback. Its on them

  13. Sophia Gresko says

    I love the new Snapchat update!

  14. Lady Afrodytee says

    Aww Stormi's toes ❤️

  15. Jezner Cortez says

    I don’t know much about these Celebrities because I don’t really bother to, but I wish I could help gain money for my family and I.. Once I have my own business I’m going to donate for those who are in-need and charity :))

  16. Alvon Matthias says

    I dont know why am watching so many videos about kylie!

  17. Hi There says

    HollywoodLife??? Pls try to make more interesting stories or news than this…

    Gggrrrrrrrrr!!! It's time to unsubscribe to this channel!

  18. Randy N says

    Lol who payed for the car lol

  19. Massi Jovial says

    Snapchat lost followers because of the new update. I’m about to delete it because is frustrating

  20. Cassie Rodriguez says

    No, Snapchat is a waste of time lol How does anyone have time to do everything on social media lol

  21. Amy Booth says


  22. elliotx says

    hearing exclusively from people close to kylie…yeah right! just admit she pays you to post about her everyday

  23. Yvette Lucero says

    Why do Kylie's eyes always look like they are about to pop out her head?

  24. Chloe Stuart says


  25. samantha twist says

    Better question why do we allow stupid fuck trash like the kardashians breed?

  26. Emmy Castro says

    Oh God

  27. Tessy Thomas says

    we seen stormi Little feet lol okay

  28. Matthew Smith says

    Kylie has lied to us AGAIN… she has hired a team of nannies…. STOP FUCKING TELLING LIES!!

  29. Nick Yad says


  30. LifeLove05 says

    Kylie did not kill snapchat…I still use it.. Yall are so obsessed wit her

  31. katie scott says

    Dream cheap unlike food sometimes following undermine probably addition honor.

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