Kylie Jenner REVEALS Her Post-Pregnancy Body 1 Month After Giving Birth | FULL VIDEO


Kylie Jenner’s 1 month post-baby body! Subscribe for daily uploads of Kylie Jenner!

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  1. cncowner Perú #joelpimentel says


  2. cncowner Perú #joelpimentel says


  3. cncowner Perú #joelpimentel says


  4. katherine Aguilar says


  5. cncowner Perú #joelpimentel says


  6. Hunny Gyrl says


  7. Khaleesi says

    baby comes out, plastic surgeon goes in

  8. Vielka Elizabeth Quijije Garcia says

    q linka

  9. Mery Páez says

    Hello kylie lindo video

  10. Ayesha Begum says

    Nyc video

  11. Kaitlin Beste says

    How does that even happen! She should still be bleeeeding! And I wish I could be chillin in a car a month after a baby where you at girl be with her

  12. LyssandRick says

    Damn these chick's live the dream, not a stretch mark in sight, everything perfect. Honestly makes no sense to me

  13. Aphrodite Mikonos says

    Gee, what is it with this the urgency to show off post-pregnancy bod?

  14. Jamie Smith says

    Wow some mean comments people leave. She is young, that helps you bounce back quick. And she is showing it off because during your entire pregnancy most women are afraid that there body will never be the same again so if you see that it is, it makes us very excited! No plastic surgeon would do work on a women one month after giving birth. She looks beautiful and that's all a women wants to hear after giving birth.

  15. blake bortles says

    lol she had no baby

  16. Mia Kent says

    She looks gd

  17. Ally Cash says

    I seriously think this was all a cover-up of an adoption she wanted people to think it's her child when it really isn't she wasn't really pregnant I have this gut feeling she were pregnancy belly for pictures I don't know I don't usually say stuff like this but I have this weird feeling this is all a lie

  18. Miss Diawara says

    Tu abites ous

  19. Abigail Quezada says

    Doesn't look natural anymore… Still beautiful tho

  20. Mez 0001 says

    Old Snaps… Before pregnancy… Lol

  21. Edith Ramirez says

    What’s the song in the @0:02

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