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  1. Faria A says

    Trouble…. Trouble…..

  2. 민주 says


  3. Huy Bui says

    Hey Sara can you upload taylor performances like 2014 ama, 2010 vma, 2010,2012 and 2014 grammy,.. Please

  4. SR SEYAM says

    you worked hard for making these…and its worth it at last..hah great

  5. I’m still here says

    shes supergirl

  6. eza muhammad says

    VMA 2009 is very iconic

  7. Sanzee_S says

    I love her outfit change

  8. Vicew GS says

    Owwwwww ♥️

  9. Rahi Choudhury says

    Sara like you and also Taylor

  10. Maricris Schwarzer says

    Love it!!!! QUEEN OF…

  11. brenda asnicar fa says

    katy did it better.(2011 california dreams tour hot n cold perfomance) she did in seconds . and she didnt need help. lots of people helped taylor.

  12. brenda asnicar fa says

    confetti falled and katy changed her outfit in 3 seconds(hot n cold peformance 2011 and its real)

  13. Farah Khan says

    2008 acm awards was ICONIC

  14. Ruaia Chuauhang123 says

    I love her sm

  15. Naho Chan says

    i live for this

  16. Terrell Skrine says

    So she always does this …

  17. Judit Blasco says

    Amazing! Now she just has to learn how to sing live!

  18. j.d. cor says

    The last part tho

  19. Lusia Putri Rahmadani says

    queen of changing outfit in the middle of performance.
    Talk about professional, it's Taylor swift! <3
    And Sara you're amazing! thank you for your interesting video as always <3

  20. sari evangelista says

    3:38 this is a legend.

  21. YOCH TWINA says

    is there a reason this is in my recommended?

  22. cmntexas says

    Thank you we have deleted our comments <13

  23. rzlynie r says

    this girl is ICONIC.

  24. ron says

    taylor swift, shantay you stay

  25. Anthony Alexander says

    You forgot Enchanted on Speak Now Tour

  26. EjEmSi says

    CMA 2008 will forever be my favourite!

  27. Bobul Bobul says

    I jacked off to this 4 times.

  28. Kween Jeed says

    Do this for little mix

  29. Paşa Akgül says

    She is awesome

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