Kanye West Taking Aim At JAY-Z & Beyonce On New Album: This Feud Is Far From Over


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  1. Cheryl Glover says

    Kanye gonna lose

  2. Terisha Ford says

    Kanye needs to have several seats and leave Jayz and Beyone alone. Do Beyonce have to be friends with Kim? Kim take to your husband make him take his meds and the fuck out. This some publicity stunt it will get ugly cause jayz will let Kanye have it. Whats really going with Kanye?

  3. Natasha Alexander says

    He need to grow up

  4. Marquita Clark says

    When he gets on he’ll leave your ass for a white girl … leave B out lol

  5. Roena Skates says

    I hope Jayz and Kanye can resume their relationship without the women! But Kanye has to realize his wife is a problem and cannot be trusted around black women! All of the Kardashians men belonged to their close friends before they became their man! If Kim wants to associate with Beyonce she needs to put some clothes on sometimes to show she has some type of class!

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