Kim Kardashian Gives FIRST LOOK at Chicago West on Instagram


More Celebrity News ▻▻ For the first time since Chicago’s birth, Kim posted an adorable selfie on Instagram of her and the baby. In the photo, the two are…

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  1. Nikki Dejageh says


  2. Abigail Emily says

    Baby Chicago is so adorable, oh my lord.

  3. Fernanda says

    Chicago looks exactly like Dream

  4. Marianne Arcuri says

    Absolutely adorable

  5. Vanshika Tripathi says

    Clevver should change it's name to Kardashian/ Jenner/ West worshipors. Literally every notification I get from this chanel these days is only about them. I have noticed with the change in staff/ reporters the content keeps getting worst. I only like videos with Lilly and Joselyn and some others in videos where they're not reporting about Kar'trash'ians

  6. Sandra Wong says

    They really like location names eh?

  7. Kenya Beckford says


  8. Sheila Russell says

    Precious! !

  9. HeyItsAlex ! says

    She look just like her!!!

  10. Rlcp AJ says

    Omg adorable!

  11. Winter Need help says

    We already saw her in Kylie’s video smfh, y’all can’t post some actual news ? Lana Del Rey almost got kid napped, Taylor Swift is getting death threats etccc

  12. Abby Gregory says

    Chicago is so cute she looks a lot like Saint when he was a baby

  13. Tobias Orion *rFitz* says

    ..King Trump is cutting-off Foodstamps; so Y'all better not have "Baby Fever"!

  14. Lance Sullivan says

    kardashians pop out babies like nobodys business

  15. Clay Brice says

    We knew this was coming.

  16. They'll Tell You I'm Insane says

    This channel should've named "Katrashian News"

  17. Lola Mcguirre says

    The only problem is that when Chicago will get older she’ll have so much questions for her mom that conserns the surrogate, it’ll be a tough situation! Just hope the best for them both and that Chicago will understand Kim’s situation ❤️

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