Does Kendall Jenner’s Friendship with Kaia Gerber SCARE Kaia’s Mom Cindy Crawford?


Up and coming supermodel, Kaia Gerber, has made quite the name and image for herself at just 16 years old. With the star power of her parents and her friends, Kendall Jenner being one of them,…

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  1. Sarata Barry says

    I like Kendall Jenner

  2. Leah Wangari says

    I love Kendall

  3. Hunter V. says

    She needs to stay away, kardashian klan in dangerous

  4. Aida Dunbar says

    What influence? Hadid sisters are childhood friends of Kendall. What bad influence? Get away from the Gerber family, Kendall. They have influence with Harry Styles. You see the picture, Kendall.

  5. cris morash says

    kaia is prettier than kendall

  6. cherrylfaith cabase says

    Having kendall, bella and gigi as kaia friend its good for her i think

  7. Samantha Hockley says

    I love the Kardashian’s, but there is a lot of hate against the Kardashians and it would make sense for her mum not wanted her to get involved with them

  8. Timothy Tnnr says

    Kaya have her own life and she's adult enough

  9. Belinda Duhon says

    I think that Kendall is the only one of Kris Jenner girls that aren't stick on herself she is very normal doesn't think she is better then anyone else

  10. Cesar Lillo says

    she dont need bad influences …!! she is nice young fresh and have the big support from she's Mother .. cheap publicity is in every corner .. Cindy Take a wait your baby from the bad influences !!

  11. mmgpa2580 says

    She has the best role model ever: her mom! Plus her mom and Kendall are good acquaintances

  12. Izzie Lee says

    Yessss she should

  13. Chason Wright says

    Its Cindy Crawford someone who didnt really take fashion risks

  14. Layan Faisal says

    I think which let me say I THINK that Kaia should really stay away from Kendall because Kendall might feel like Kaia will someday outshine her so she would rather just be a friend to stay in the spotlight

  15. kendall isnt a monster WTF
    plus kaia is no difference than kendall they both got famous and rich from their families BUT they both work hard

  16. Natalia Stornello says

    In the first picture I was like "Camila Cabello in a blonde wig?!"

  17. Lissandra Freljord says

    I don't think Kendall is a bad person necessarily, but it's just the stigma and fame that is attached to her family name that will be a bad influence to Kaia. Giving Kaia too much exposure, especially for being associated with a Jenner/Kardashian, would by default bring some haters out there. I mean, that's the price of fame. You increase your pool of fans and haters alike.

  18. Earth says

    Cindy please, keep your decent daughter away from the Kardashians and Jennners.

  19. Earth says

    One more thing Cindy. Your decent daughter’s clean reputation may be jeopardized if she is seen with bad company. As George Washington said “Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.”

  20. paul galazo says

    Cindy has a point. Although of all the Kardashian Klan, Kendall seems to be the outlast and the "normal one."

  21. Study Love Best says

    omg…but..sge dosent look 16.

  22. Study Love Best says

    omg….but …she dosent look 16

  23. giocurve says

    Well Kendall is safe. I don't think she is a bad girl or bad influence to teenage Kaia. She's just had a bag stigma attached to her name coz of her lame family reality show, fake assess sisters and a pimping mother.

  24. Naima Tali says

    Kendall c'est une bombe le plus beau mannequin de la planète keia est moche laid ressemble à une droguee et à une putain pour son âge .cindy et jalouse de Kendall et la famille .elle cindy et vraiment moche et obligé de mettre un kilos de peinture sur la face.kendall is very very beautiffull. Une beauté à couper le souffle keia et moche maigre anorexique et ressemble à une planche à pain .elle arrive pas à la hauteur de Kendall .

  25. tsering tashi says

    Kaia should mentor Kendall and teach her how to walk .

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