Beyonce’s twins welcomed by Blue Ivy!


BEYONCE gave birth to her new twins — a boy and a girl — nearly a week ago, it has been claimed. The superstar singer and her husband Jay Z reportedly welcomed their new twins almost a…

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  1. Michelle Rice says

    Blue Ivybridge looks like her father and so do the twins.

  2. Jerrell Shropshire says

    blu is to gorgeous

  3. Tracy Daniel says

    blue gonna always be the spoil one…bae baby. help our with the twins.

  4. Patricia Grady says

    I just love her she is so reserved for a little girl she has an old soul that baby has been here before and she's very aware of her surroundings I am so glad that she has a brother and sister now
    congratulations to the Carter family and best wishes

  5. Ms Woodard says

    ooh yall my boo was sitting next to jayz at the game!!!

  6. raynard moore says

    Be careful John slammed niggas no talkin turn my back get up nigga spit

  7. Christina Cadora says

    This is a Great Video. So Peaceful. Blue Does Look Like Both of Them SO MUCH!

  8. Nichole Gaskins says

    Blue Ivy looks just like her mother Beyonce and I know she's probably an amazing big sister

  9. Kia Dewberry says

    Black women look soooo much better with black babies fathered by a black man theirs nothing more beautiful.seattle washington has lots of biracial people and theirs nothing special about them only a few of them is all that whats the attraction.

  10. Kia Dewberry says

    Black women lose their value when they give birth to biracial kids in the eyes of all black men.

  11. Kia Dewberry says

    Beyonce is smart all her babies by a black man.

  12. Dorothy Mays-Pitts says

    Anyway one look at Beyonce they see love and greatness she is a shy talented well grounded person she is one of my favorite person in all regards and her smile makes up for educational shortcomings just let the acting music and dance play while the money and excellence take over LOL DPitts

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