KKW Crystal Gardenia KKW Crystal Gardenia Oud KKW Crustal Gardenia Citrus I ordered the KKW Perfumes when they first launches and got mine way after others -_- Shirt – Zara Earrings -…

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  1. Mena says

    I ordered and Im from the uk, been waiting 3 weeks, paid over $20 for shipping, now its had a customs delay, i contacted them they said i would just have to wait, and mo refunds as all sales are final WHATTT im seriously pissed off i ordered some as christmas presents, not cool

  2. santanal1 says

    Your scent description of scents are on point as usual.i think even zara fragrances would be better then those..i love the Kardashians but they've been trying it lately..sorry mija but u not getting my coins..

  3. C R says

    They just sound and look like they smell grandma ish

  4. Wonderland Boudoir says

    Thank you for your honest review of the perfumes! I do not like buying perfumes that I cannot smell and I don't know if she's selling any of these since inside retail stores. I think I'm going to purchase the one that you like best and I love the descriptors that you use for each sent because they have help me determine which ones I won't like. And I really don't feel like I would like the first two that you spoke about. Especially the first one where you said smelled elderly. But I'm definitely going to pick up the gardenia Citrus thank you!

  5. Kristie Bach says

    Don’t really like the Oud. They’re very strong perfumes tho

  6. Alessandra Musterfrau says

    which perfume does not have alcohol as the first ingredient? lol

  7. Elise M says

    Everything they put out is so bland and basic. I don’t know how they manage to make crystals boring.

  8. Amber Mellas says

    I love how honest you are ❤

  9. Elizabeth Jaimes says

    First of all dumb bitch you spraying them all over you lmao

  10. Raven Hampton says

    i tried the original and citrus. i was like… meh about the orginal, gave it to my mom. and the citrus was better… but just okay to me. i may use it as an after shower perfume in the spring

  11. Galactic Girl Productions says

    I’m a ride or die for D&G The One

  12. Michelle says

    My friend has it and I really thought it smells like air freshener the other smells like a old lady With power

  13. Nadia Said says

    She's so negative omg haha

  14. Myra Cordero says

    Thank you for this review

  15. Lipsticknpistol says

    I got the oud and I layered it on top of a sweet smelling body oil. It smells soooooo much better!

  16. samia bibi says

    Garbage perfume …

  17. Ivonna H says

    Ok so basically really strong floral scent.

  18. Alejandra Villalobos says

    Wow, your video was amazing! Definitely helped me narrow down what I wanted to buy. I hate floral scents. The first video I watched of yours and now subscribing 🙂 you did a really good job describing the smells.

  19. Victor A says

    Is it weird I’m smelling it through the screen!!

  20. Nicole Mahdavi says

    You saw the notes online…. why would you order the perfume when it had a whole bunch of floral notes and you don’t like floral scents?? I mean the name of the perfume line is crystal gardenia…

  21. Ashley helena says

    I don't like floral, grapefruit or citrus scents lmao so why did u buy it to do a review if you don't like any of them lol. I passed for that reason because I like sweeter smells. Not hating either I just died of laughter lmao because you would say each name and then say I don't like the type of scent it is LOL. You shoulda saved your money girl lmao

  22. Karen Sue Pohlmeier says

    I won't ever purchase anything Kim Kartrashion is pedalling!! Her shit stinks!!!

  23. Karen Sue Pohlmeier says

    ….and I think it stinks that you can't return merchandise you don't like or doesn't work for you! So sad!!

  24. Jeff Macmillan says

    You are a negative whiny cunt. Why didn't you read the notes and scents first. Most of the ingredients are flowers you idiot. I think you're just a Kardashian hater.

  25. LZA AA says

    this was a great review for fragrances

  26. Martha Ramirez says

    which perfume did she mention that she rather pay 150 and she will wear everyday?

  27. Nayra Reyes says

    Her perfumes are extremely cute and good it depends on everyone and there nose like you need to stop hating there amazing

  28. yana evonnavitch says

    I didn’t have to pay for shipping on amazon.com

  29. Elizabeth Czajka says

    Omg thank you so much for this! I ordered the citrus based on your review and I absolutely love it!! ❤️❤️❤️

  30. Nav Nav says

    I love the perfumes this review at the end of the day is only a personal opinion i wish everyone can smell samples of it

  31. Missy Glitter Vlogs says

    Just wanted to say you’re so gorgeous!

  32. chanelle vanterpool says

    Why are hard working women supporting this girls????

  33. Amila Badass says

    I got mine in exactly a week. I have the gardenia and the citrus gardenia and I LOVE them both. It really depends on your own preference and how your own bodily scents react to it. If you’re scared to risk it then don’t get it, but if you have the money and want to try it then I recommend

  34. Antoinette Hightower says

    You are the only person I trust when it comes to fragrances. Girl you got me me hooked on givenchy haute couture

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