Pink REIGNITES Kim Kardashian Feud & Explains Why She Shaded Her


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  1. Chanel Young says

    Child bye your career is dead that’s why

  2. Bling SugarBaby says

    I agree with Pink's tweet about intelligent women, not fake stripper hoes like Kim. But, why does Pink dress like a man and look like a man?

  3. Miss Bailey says

    Just let people be. If they wanna post pics of their own bodies… LET THEM. If they wanna use their brain to write/create something amazing… let them. Don’t fucking judge

  4. Duchesss Gummybunsss says

    lol who tf is bette midler??

  5. kate boylan says

    no one going to say how bette's comment was so so rude, may be true in a way but if it was said about to an other woman not kim would be seen as hateful and rude. I get shes part right, and pink is so empowering but why they feel the need to go in on an other woman and then try be all for making woman more powerful? let kim do kim she wants be nude let her we all have the same parts who cares, not your life.

  6. Angelina Daly says

    it wasn't Pinks buisness though

  7. Sakura Grande says

    I love Pink but she got this so wrong. Kim did nothing wrong, she just defended herself from someone who was being a bitch to her.

  8. Gina H says

    So let me get this straight, these women are fine staying quiet about sexual predators in Hollywood, but naked selfies cross the line? I can't with the fake outrage. People go after Kim so much because it's the easy thing to do.

  9. Petty pink your music is garbage.i don't think a legend like Bette needs your help or asked for it. Need the publicity huh?

  10. Taylor ! says

    I love Pink. She will never back down and speak her mind. She speaks the truth though

  11. Darleen Smith says

    If Kim wasn't always showing her ass all the time then she wouldn't have to defend herself in pink with Stomp the s*** out of Kim I paid big money to see that

  12. CollectorofFine Things says

    I think people took Kim's comment overboard..she was obviously kidding she said just kidding..people need to learn to take a joke..

  13. Jaynome Roma says

    Anyone goes after pink is going through me first, Love that girl, women should not prostitute their bodies to the public especially our children, I say boycott those that infringe on pornography and protect them from themselves. WHY DO WE HAVE TO SEE THEIR BITS, PERVERSION IS NOT EXCEPTABLE IN THE MAIN STREAM.

  14. LupitaSin21 says

    Pink didn't reignite anything stop ya shit talking!

  15. Vineeta Vineeta says

    So Bette came for Kim so then Kim responded with a classy clapback and now pink is bothered by Kim responding? Kim didn’t do anything lol it just shows pink simply doesn’t like Kim regardless and has some issue with her

  16. Emma says

    Pink all the way

  17. PureSparkles22 says

    Queen pink #dontmess

  18. M Yazbk says

    Pink needs to sit back and do her own!
    Kim is her own as well both are successful woman in their own right

  19. Mellie D says

    Kardashian's are talentless women they don't belong in the show bizz. There are women out there that are full of talent playing instumemts, singing, writing their own songs, an have never gotten a chance to be in the spotlight. Makes me sick n keep your clothes on period!!

  20. megan meganm says

    Bet started it

  21. ibrahim sembawa says

    Didn’t Bette attack Kim first!! I’m kinda sick of people hating on Kim for no reason

  22. ROCCO DeFINIS says

    Kim you can have several seats. YOU ARE NOT
    FUCKING WITH PINK AND YOU SURE THE HELL ARE NOT FUCKING WITH BETTE MIDLER. You should feel honored that Bette roasted you that the queeeeen even mentioned you.

  23. Squall says

    No I do not agree. What right does bet have to make these comments on Kim. Kim simple defended herself back at bet and of course pink needs to jump on the relevant band wagon. I'm sorry pink but I remember when you were in Australia dancing almost nude in ur fishnets and bra.. you are the last person to talk

  24. aspiringcreative 1 says

    Kim K was just defending herself. Pink be looking for a reason to throw shade at people it seems like.

  25. Beach Waves says

    yeah kim is an attention whore..fuck off nasty hole kim k

  26. Samone Nelson says

    I'm a fan of Bette Midler and Pink I thought with Bette Midler tweeted was kind of funny and true .

  27. Nikki JesusIsLord says

    Kim got famous cause of sextape she did with a singer name RAYJ..what do you expect

  28. V MM says

    Go P!Nk. I aboslutely love you.

  29. stepanova8 says

    Kim K has some real issues if posting nude selfies is what she does to feel good about herself. She should seek help for that, among other things.
    Bette Midler was right… nude selfies are over shared. The only mystery left about Kim K's body is exactly how much is real and how much is plastic, and that's not much of a mystery.
    Kim's clap back was classic Kim… and she deserved to be taken down. Pink did it in an awesome way.

  30. alpha wolf says

    I’m totally on bette and pinks side. Kim is a slut mkay

  31. Mikey Mike says

    get a day job 🙂

  32. Zahra Ismail says

    Pink is problematic af. She's also a coward. She didn't answer the question. She used to Bette as a way to have a go at Kim. Bette fucking Middler doesn't need Pink to stand up for her.

  33. Danni :v alv says

    Hablame en español que no entiendo v: xd

  34. eza muhammad says

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