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  1. Adin Kolansky says

    Follow me on instagram: AdinKolansky
    for a follow back! 🙂

  2. m says

    adin and his sister is the definition of siblings goals

  3. jay g says

    16 seconds lol

  4. jay g says


  5. fe9al says

    Your family is so funny like f you agree

  6. Noah vlogs and games says

    your dad is a savage

  7. Allyson Peak says

    you ack like your dad lol

  8. Banana Group Of Awesome says

    Click bait af

  9. jason cox says


  10. Robloxedwin123 321 says

    Click bait

  11. ilovewweitismylife says

    I love u adin

  12. Martina dobre says

    Wow he tried his mom

  13. Taylor Wykle says

    Adins the best brother

  14. LandonPlaysYT says

    What's your intro song

  15. JaKasia Durham says

    Your sister looked like the cash me outside girl at the concert

  16. Jayce Owen says

    Did she have to get her steps in or something

  17. Haylett Vlogs says

    That's funny as hell like if you agree

  18. Slimmer_girl123 4 says

    Btw love the intro!!

  19. Jarroid Hughes says

    I subscribed to your channel love your vids

  20. Elley-MayEvelynne _ says

    I can so see Adin in his dad

  21. intan sari says

    he sound like scott

  22. Sarah Alsadi says

    I ship Adin and Ariana

  23. Christopher BowdĂȘn says

    Your hot

  24. Nick Weakland says

    U lit man

  25. Nick Weakland says

    Love ur videos, would love to meet you in person

  26. dudeitzHolly Official says

    "It's not that hot it's only on fire"

  27. Kelly says

    Did u enjoy the concert

  28. Valeria Celleri says

    I love ariana grande

  29. I Am Katrina505 says

    Oh lord…the clip in 4:33 its too funny hahaha

  30. iPotato1 says

    What do u mean she didn't even looka at u

  31. riley r smith says

    I wish i could go she is my fav

  32. Samantha Fischer says


  33. Kk Eager says

    At 0:16 love it ❀ #mixer Adins reaction

  34. hamza nazir says

    the thumbnail is lances parents house

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