Calvin Harris Reveals Why He SNAPPED At Taylor Swift After Their Split


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  1. ratherbenapping 10 says

    She's crazy.

  2. saeefa says

    Clever News back with the anti taylor news

  3. Tyto Alba says

    I don't care about Taylor… Feels is AWESOME!

  4. Aryan Nath says

    good job harris

  5. Eyes Open says

    HE IS AN ASSHOLE. The worst boyfriend a girl can ask for

  6. Lamooshy says

    The speaker is pretty lol

  7. John Doe says

    Taylor is literally not making a peep which shows that all of you are the ones that are wrong and can't seem to leave her name alone. Sad has beens…..

  8. John Doe says

    Calvin you are a loser. You need 4 artists for every song because your a dick riding twat

  9. HiChris10 says

    Kaylor is real!

  10. Coushatta LaRue says

    Clearly she did it because she was hurt. So she wanted to say F you. I say get over it.

  11. Unicorn Poop says

    Someone says something bad about taylor: OMG HE ROASTED HER THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING A SNAKE
    Someone says something good about taylor: OMG SHE IS SO FAKE SHE ALWAYS WANTS TO BE THE VICTIM, WHAT A SNAKE.

  12. Linda's Life says

    That girl had the tinest
    Forehead in the world

  13. PumpkinsnBlackcats says

    Guaranteed she's writing revenge song's for her next album on his ass. She's always gotta be the victim.

  14. Leeann Mussatt says

    Uh, duh. He still has animosity towards her cause he doesn't follow her. No brainer that she's the bigger person.

  15. Promise Hasan says

    All I want is TS6…. TS6… TS6

  16. Jada Brown says

    at the ending when calvin hugging taylor her smile looks fake

  17. Vlad Igor says

    Yup everyone by now should have known that the media is trying to make profit out of this stories and everyone is buying into it. Try listening to all of them and take it only with a grain of salt.

  18. pokespritemaker3 says

    I honestly liked Calvin and Taylor as a couple

  19. Erew C says

    he ugly

  20. Sona shee says

    positive? in what way? that was petty & vindictive.

  21. natalie gemma Haigh says

    silly little girl playing dress up!!!

  22. natalie gemma Haigh says

    move on people!!!

  23. natalie gemma Haigh says

  24. natalie gemma Haigh says

  25. Kc Villarreal says

    Does anyone know her name or insta? She's so pretty

  26. rodrigopalmerin says

    She been through how many guys and they all dispise her? Yeah it might just be her…..

  27. Keyanni Spencer says


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