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  1. Majestic Ysk says

    2014 bitching mode started

  2. Evelyn Loreto says

    You did not add they dont know ariana grande from trolls

  3. Windex says

    what about Pink Champagne? And Every day?

  4. Freddy Martinez says

    Innocent Ariana to diva Ariana

  5. yall can choke says

    I like her Yours Truly era more. I wish she goes back to that concept. Who made her sing sex songs what the fuck. PS: Tho I love her Dangerous Woman album.

  6. Novita Resti says

    like 2011

  7. Maki chan says

    я не люблю Ариану Гранде/ I dont like Ariana Grande

  8. James Soe says

    She was so cute when she was young

  9. VividlyEmblazoned says

    i wonder why they changed her vocals after 2013. she actually sounded decent. now she just screeches with her nose plugged up.

  10. Bindyyy Mag says

    I loved her the most in 2013 and 2014…I actually started listening to her music in 2015. That is when I loved her innocence and her style. Not to say that I don't like her now, she's amazing now. She's a hot, beautiful diva…not a cute, pretty one like before. I was actually addicted to her right there song. I sent it to my crush and this song made everything so special in 2015.

  11. Bindyyy Mag says

    By the way, problem was the very first song I listened to

  12. Anto Diy says

    i feel like arianna has changed….

  13. Toria Loves Books says

    The real question is where is 13

  14. Alessandro says

    I like Problem, e più ti penso and side to side just because of Nicki

  15. Mimi Dragneel says

    Ugh she is sooooo cuteeeeee!!!!!

  16. kevon lewis says

    awesome Ariana G.

  17. Aida Famiz says

    I just luv In To You

  18. loreal_linda 333 says

    faith with Stevie Wonder?

  19. Kasanda Suisse says

    Please make the evolution of Cheryl Cole

  20. Kasanda Suisse says

    Please make the evolution of Cheryl Cole

  21. nicoló russo says

    Ti sei scordata la canzone con Mika

  22. Mary says

    Evolution of tatu

  23. Sensei Gecko says

    She was so innocent at the beginning

  24. Pineapple Daily says

    Can u do becky g?

  25. Gabby Gershom Bassey says

    Beauty and the beast ,sing

  26. Stacey Labissiere says

    is is just me or does she look way different than she use to

  27. Juliana Bendini says

    forgot popular song

  28. wonderlust says

    right there-> jamelia- money
    into you-> rihanna- we found love

  29. Eddie Desilles says


  30. Rocio Rullo says

    When Ariana used to smile….

  31. Ariana Moonlight Grande says

    from 2014-2017 all her songs are big hits and love Ariana Grande

  32. ARIANA GRANDE says


  33. Bryan Jared says

    where is dont be gone too long chris brown ft ariana grande???

  34. Ann Marie Morris says

    no moonlight bae

  35. Cat Grande says

    You forget a popular song,faith and favourite part -_-

  36. Khira So Flawless says

    Ariana is my literal IDOL❤️❤️❤️

  37. Syafiqah Saufee says

    Ari!!!!! So cute

  38. Eliza Wanyika says

    Ya couldn't you wait till everyday cuz I see you published this video on April

  39. Eliza Wanyika says

    BTW (by the way ) there's no bang bang

  40. Elena Belén Erices Zapata says

    Faltó everyday :3

  41. Owen Madore says

    I'm her number 1 fan

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