Famous Singers Kill SEXIEST Vocal Cracks / Octave Jump (Live)


Ally Brooke (Fifth Harmony), Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Camila Cabello, Demi Lovato, Jessie J, Lauren Jauregui (5H), Mariah Carey, Perrie Edwards (Little Mix) and Sia… Intentional Voice Break…

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  1. Emily Hague says

    Most of these aren't even cracks

  2. Allie Gardner says

    Non of theses are cracks it’s just singing

  3. My name is human says

    Yeaaahh squeek

  4. Shelayna B says

    Honestly i dont really care when peoples voices crack

  5. Marilyn's BeautyLife! says

    These aren't even cracks Lmao. Its just something that most singers love to do.

  6. purrpale says

    Sia cracks constantly though and people still think she is a good singer

  7. Hailey Meadows says

    lmao most almost all of these aren’t cracks

  8. Lindsey Farthing says

    Hardly any of these are voice cracks, they’re artistic touches that are supposed to be there to sound better you dummy.

  9. Alexa Life says

    Ariana was just pulled by a fan…

  10. Amber Goode says

    Half of these are not voice cracks, just the way they wanted to end the note, but I love the song selection

  11. Narwhal In Roblox says

    Legit 95% of these ain't cracks, there just high pitches that were made on purpose, especially 0:36 with worth it

  12. Allie Phillips says

    Okay not to throw any shade to the person who made this video, but does he/she know how hard it is to sing some really high notes without your voice cracking or jumping from on pitch to another, cause its not that easy. Not to be rude but, sorry.

  13. hiba jam says

    Sia stay the QUEEN of Vocal Cracks

  14. Rachel Arias says

    well I mean Ariana wasn't even a voice crack because a fan pulled her

  15. Andressa Pinheiro says

    okay this video is just so stupid. there are only like 3 real cracks in this video

  16. Santana Fekete says

    2:35 Ariana wasn’t cracking, a fan pulled on her hand & she slightly screamed lmao (it was cute af anyways)

  17. Margo Michael says

    Lauren has the sexiest voice the sexiest crack the eyes the sexiest body every thing about her is so sexy

  18. Jamie Castillo says

    Ariana's wasn't a voice crack, she screamed a little. It was cute anyways

  19. Killer Assassin says

    Singers do Cracks on purpose people it adds expression to their music

  20. Ana Deluna says

    OMG it doesn't even sound like their voice cracked

  21. The Cancernarian Artist says

    Some people can pull off the voice cracks

  22. Fhsngb Fbdngn says

    Perrie’s ‘crack’ was intentional

  23. Waffle Kitty says

    Oml I got so excited when I saw Demi in this lol, her voice cracks are the best hands down #diehardlovatic4life

  24. Jamyra Shivers says

    These weren’t voice cracks they did that on purpose

  25. Romeally 2468 says

    These aren't cracks they are just cutting their notes short

  26. Okay Msp says

    Sia's cracks are what makes her perfect.

  27. Reyna Amihan says

    Sia's cracks makes her the best singer.

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