Reacting To SUPERFRUIT The Evolution of Miley Cyrus


Today we’re reacting to, the one, the only SUPERFRUIT and the Evolution of Miley Cyrus. We LOVED the Lady Gaga one so much we couldn’t wait to see what the boys had in store for us this time……

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  1. Jordyn Ebalo says

    OH I HAVE A REQUEST: either do "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy" cover by Pentatonix, or do "BEYONCÉ" by Superfruit❤️

  2. Anhel Rajikova says

    You don't need to cut SF videos, never heard of anybody having copyright problems

  3. Brady Wood says

    Definitely watch Scott and Mario Jose's cover of Lost On You! Its so goooooodd… one of the best Scott vocals I have heard

  4. Nicole Alexander says


  5. Bobby brtn16 says

    an amazing Superfruit reaction would be to the Rise cover they did. it is sooo good. id still like to see Pentatonix daft punk too

  6. Bill Beckham says

    Great job ladies. Keep up the excitement. Don't forget to watch the bloopers at the end with us. – Bill

  7. Joe Barnhart says

    The video you see here is all one single take. If they mess it up, they start over and do the whole thing again! It's pretty clear in the final product there are no cuts or splices. They are that talented!

  8. PranceWorthy says

    Ummm you two seriously have some of the most entertaining ptx/superfruit reactions. I get so excited whenever you post a new one! Also, this is 100% a compliment but you two kind of remind me of a girl mitch and scott, just with your hair colors and what not. It's super cute. Looking forward to your next reaction!!

  9. katelyn g says

    great job! here are suggestions 🙂
    -feeling myself
    -defying gravity
    -daft punk
    -evolution of music

  10. Veronica Grosse Pointe says


  11. VivaCohen says

    I hope you react to Superfruit Feeling Myself or Anti Medley : ) I also hope you react to thier non-music videos because they're hilarious 😛

  12. Maschelle Mashburn says

    you don't have to chop and mute Superfruit reactions. fyi.

  13. Maschelle Mashburn says

    Superfruit always has bloopers after the closing theme song and splash screen are done and they're hysterical!

  14. M1RANDA says

    I'm looooving your superfruit reactions. They've been teasing for a new music video on twitter, it's suppose to come out today so keep an eye out!!

  15. Amna S says


  16. Denita Clifford says

    And when there is an extra part with the voice Mitch does that!! And you're right that Scott plays the piano!!

  17. soflabbfan says

    Great video! You guys should react to Superfruit's BAND IN A BOX CHALLENGE! SCÖMÌCHE!. It shows them creating a song (and it's about scomiche!).

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