Kendall Jenner’s Runway Evolution


From Balmain to Marc Jacobs, check out Kendall Jenner’s runway evolution. Subscribe to Harper’s Bazaar:…

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  1. monika arya says

    she has the face of super model,,, fierce

  2. Machin says

    she's very good looking, i'll give you that

  3. Veruschka Angel says

    why didn't you add when she was at vsfs, she looked absolutely breathtaking

  4. Martha Holt says

    She's the only Kardashian I care about.

  5. It's me beauty Studying says

    That's very intresting , wow , I'm surprised for this !!!!

  6. It's me beauty Studying says

    I wish to know name of music, because I like him

  7. Premita Angom says

    Kendall Jenner the best

  8. Reyyan Yıldız says

    Her walk is definitely better than the hadid sisters. Gigi has a more distinctive look and bella is pretty but kendall is THE brunette beauty, she’s also the one who helped them get their career started. I remember knowing gigi only as kendall’s friend, now she’s so big and doesn’t even care about kendall anymore, too bad.

  9. Goddamn bitch says

    She’s very good looking, but her walk is too different. The first one was too stiff and on some of them her hips were really out there

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