Kylie Jenner First Ever Nude Photoshoot


Kylie Jenner does her first ever nude photoshoot. Plus Kendall Jenner may not be in this years Victoria Secret Fashion Show. subscribe Starring Gino Orlandini Produced…

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  1. Joshua Taylor Madison says

    That's not nude.

  2. CandyJ says

    Ngl she has really nice boobs

  3. LR1994 LR1994 says

    Feminism is not about woman doing nude photoshoot because she can( nothing is empowering about that) ………… rather its more about woman going to college or working hard in whatever they do just like man and getting exact pay and respect man are given……

  4. Kevin Mendoza says


  5. Jose Garza says

    Reminds me of scene in Dirty Love, Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra. Girl, Girl, are you crazy? Your big ole titty is hanging out.

  6. Jose Garza says

    Kendall spokesperson for Pepsi, Adidas. Kylie… um Dairy Queen?

  7. Monica Merritt-Lampl says

    OK clearly now she can no longer lie about it being her bra and she actually had work done on her tits

  8. andy thai says

    what's next? bye bye career?

  9. n mohammed says

    Kylie why did you have to go there. now all the young kids following you would think it's ok to show off their body for money. …. so disappointed

  10. La la Muneca says

    She's beautiful but it doesn't look like her

  11. A. A. says

    I would like see you doing more videos with the girls.
    But not about boxers :p

  12. The Story Teller says

    Because of all the bad surgery, now kylie.jenner looks worst than caitlyn jenner

  13. Black Pencil says

    Fuck bombshell bra , fuck over lining lips. YOU HAD PLASTIC SURGERY GET OVER IT KYLIE. Lips, nose, cheeks, boobs , booty. Just tell the truth. No one is 7 years old. Be honest for God's sake . That's all.

  14. Abel Cerrillo says

    tashy nigga lover

  15. comedy express says

    Super sexy good hot sexes video I'm your big fan

  16. Cookie Tasty says


  17. Waiting2soar13 says

    Is she still denying breast implants?

  18. Ericlogos says

    No, you are the devil's property, and he marks what is his. It's sad that someone so young is already condemned.

  19. Lara Wilson says

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    I need support and I promise I will post my nudes at 5k subs

  20. tlwolf86 says

    Fix your title. "Nudish" ain't nude.

  21. chuck smith says

    Their all nuts

  22. jane alam says

    This video is really great.,,,see hot kiss video

  23. Rita Isho says


  24. Azxty Z says

    0:50 watch

  25. Unicorn Girl says

    F ya'll t-swift haters

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