Lemonade Braids, Feed In Braids, Monica Braids, Beyonce Inspired Hairstyle, Car Vlog | TEMILONDON Hair Extensions for this style: http://amzn.to/2vLHz5X HEY BABES, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT AND…

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  1. The Nylee Experience says

    You have so many accents its impressive lol.

  2. Mildred Petit-Frere says

    what hair did you use

  3. Aquetta Glover says

    that style look so nice on you..

  4. Apryl Goins says

    "Orange, watermelon.. I don't want that I want lemonade braids." I diiiieeeed lmfao PLEASE do more videos you're hilarious.

  5. IamAlexandriah says

    BIIIIIIIIITTTTTTCCCCCHHHHHH!!!!!!! YOUR BRAIDS ARE MAAAAD BOMBBB THOOO!!!!! I literally JUST found you and I'm sooooo glad I did, lol you remind me of me just a crazy ass personality!!!! Definitely subscribed gal !!!! looking forward to more contenttt!!! I'll be looking out!!!!

  6. Brittney Douglas says

    Lol for a minute she sounds like she's from NY but then she has a U.K. Accent I'm all confused. Then she sounds like she might speak French. I'm all off but very pretty woman and love the hair

  7. Lisa Jenkins says

    Why are these braids called lemonade. I been wearing this style since I was a child. The name changed before when Alicia keys wore them, now this. Smh

  8. zahra kazmee says

    Liked ,just subbed #456 your channel you are looking beautiful i am new on youtube subscribe my channel its mean a-lot to me thanks

  9. Lecielle says

    Highlight on hypnotic frrrrrr

  10. Yasss!!! Yasss!!! Your hair is everything. Love your personality. Keep up the good work with your channel. #BBLSYT

  11. Jeannide V says

    DIzniyee means something else tho. LOLOl . Those vraids suit you veey well. How tight were they tho?

  12. ChampagneTaste says

    Yoooo those braids look amazing! Yass more vlogs! I subbed your channel is lit

  13. KlarkeyKlarke says

    Braids on fleek! Yass girl ^_^

  14. Kellie Kelz Way says

    Love it, it's so neat #rwoyt

  15. Single Gal Guide says

    Girls trip was the ish!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Loved it!

  16. Single Gal Guide says

    U are right?? You can’t just let anyone do your braids

  17. Jessica Michelle says

    Braids are super BOMB ❤️

  18. Emonie Mariee says

    Yasss then braids is you !! I also have a Beauty channel if you have time you should check it out maybe even subscribe #NewsubbieHere

  19. Porsha Cierra says

    Your braids are bomb!

  20. ilmememe says

    They look gorgeous! Never heard this term before but you are giving my an idea of what I’m looking for in the near future!

  21. Jessica's Walk-In Closet says

    I really thought you was american for a whole 30 seconds loool your accent is on point, teach me! looove this hair, Inspired to do this for my birthday now heart eyes

  22. Jenny Penny DIY says


  23. Irada Kitchen says

    Awesome video! Subscribed:)

  24. QueenGoldieTheGreat says

    Them braids is fire girl I cant wait to see more from you

  25. x_incredibleL says

    this are BOMB!

  26. Steven and Frances says

    I was watching the Black PANTHER vlog earlier !!! I love your channel !!!

  27. Danielle La'Ticce says

    Your braids are cute. Beautiful style on u.

  28. Danielle La'Ticce says

    New subbie btw. Check out my channel if u like

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