Justin Bieber | Instagram Live Stream | 16 MAY 2017 [ FULL ]


Justin Bieber playing guitar singing live and more… on Instagram live Justin Bieber | Instagram Live Stream | 16 MAY 2017 [ FULL ]

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  1. Natoria Annikey says

    hey Justin Bieber love you so much bitch

  2. Natoria Annikey says

    you chew gum like bitch

  3. Har hil mavzudagi Videolar says

    Oooo nice song

  4. Natoria Annikey says


  5. Daniela R4L says

    His chewing makes me happy because Im chew like that to

  6. Holly Ariana says

    i can't stop smiling and laughing at his cuteness omg

  7. Orihei HERIBERT says

    I love you Justin

  8. Lydia says

    21:09 I'm crying

  9. Dany Prudencio says

    justen bieber voce sabe fala uma palavra portugues

  10. Dany Prudencio says

    tenta falar em um video

  11. Anuta Kot says

    кто тут русский?

  12. Ãstle prince says

    I got it nice chewing gum

  13. Ãstle prince says

    am legend 2

  14. technical guruji tips says

    hi bro miss u i reqest to your gruop join pls….. i am stay india in mumbai pls….. reply me.

  15. Frances Sanchez says

    Hi Justin Drew Bieber my name is Jessica Schaefer I love you and you're music and will you marry me

  16. Chicken Fingers says

    Intense gum chewing. Making me quiver


  18. retter says

    omg so entertaining and not awkward at all!

  19. Tymber Burkett says

    Why you so nervous??

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