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Tyga reacts to Kylie Jenner Ferrari gift from Travis Scott after the birth of their baby Stormi. Plus – Kim Kardashian reveals what she dislikes about Kendall Jenner & Kylie. Subscribe to…

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  1. Julianna Tessitore says

    Tyga needs to fuck off kylie moved on like srsly

  2. Sunny D says

    I love how she pretty much paused what she was saying to throw shade at Khloes Instagram photo

  3. cookie monster says

    tyga needs to get over himself

  4. Sam Walling says

    Used LaFerraris sell for roughly 3 million $ just sayin… I doing they got it for 1.4

  5. S D2 says

    Tyga ain't bothered about no stupid gift

  6. Kitten T says

    He stays salty. Like damn. Not attractive LOL

  7. Frescy Kings says

    How you drive the Ferrari La Ferrari in legal streets

  8. Chaz F says


  9. rachel icequin says

    I hear kim also wanted attention hahahha

  10. Belinda Duhon says

    Plus Kim IS jealous of her sisters that's why she showed Chicago and also Rob I think Kim would be glad if she would be the only child

  11. PapiVodka says

    How dare yourfat ass basic bitch try to shade the Kardashians? lmfao

  12. Fearne Harby says

    Stormi is a LOVELY name!
    <3 u Ali!

  13. a delicious egg says

    well its not his business anymore is it

  14. Eric Cornejo says

    Stop calling him LA FLAME nobody calls him that!!

  15. KayJay Purks says

    U dont have to be indian to pose for an indian magazine. And tyga needs to move on. Lol

  16. M B says

    Tyga please shut up

  17. Monica Garza says

    Subribe me please everybody:)

  18. Samantha M. Avila says

    Why is tyga trying so hard to be involved with Kylie, whom her man is and the shit her “daughter father” gets her. Tyga you had your chance let go and find yourself a new Kylie.

  19. Its Blizzxrdz says

    Travis Scott is a good ass bf

  20. Icy Ko says

    Stfu u dumb bitch tyga dont care how… come wit a real story bih


    This is funny so tyga bought her a cheap ass rental car but Travis got her pregnant and a new non rental expensive ass Ferrari new edition. And tygas mad because Travis treats her girl right….Ok

  22. day Walker says

    Kim is a bitch

  23. Trina More says

    Lying bitch! Stop lying about Tyga and Travis

  24. Kerwin Amedee says

    Tyga need to move on I feel srry 4 him

  25. CaresOW says

    dude stop lying you bitch

  26. Ava Miller says

    Who on earth gifts someone a rental?

  27. Zahria Herrington says

    tyga needs to get a life

  28. Naqueendoline Eigas says

    I think Kylie loves the attention from both guys..

  29. Darian Johnson says

    Tyga and kylie where growing on me actually wish stormi was his and they get back together I seen some interviews of tyga and he's really not a bad guy. He carries him self in a well manner.

  30. kim berley says

    Khloe doesn't give a F? Please. She cares lol probably the most

  31. Kate Brinfour says

    I would laugh if Tyga and Travis actually fight it out.

  32. Catherine Pineda says

    both guys need to get over themselves with fighting over who bought kylie the most expensive gifts!! if a girl only appreciates you for the gifts you bring best to find some other girl who will actually like you for you and knows how to cook and clean the house and gets her shit together

  33. Xena Rodriguez says

    I think Tyga might be a little salty he should get over it because he rented Kylie a car Travis actually bought her one so in my book Travis is Killin it.

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