Kim Kardashian SLAMS Rumors About Cocaine In Her Snapchat Videos


More Celebrity News ▻▻ Kim K SLAMS ridiculous rumors of cocaine being spotted in her latest Snapchat videos… Sometimes the rumor mill gets so out of hand,…

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  1. Jessica Grafton says

    you can't even see it good enough to tell wtf it is ….

  2. Drew says

    Soon as you dumb fucks stop giving a shit about this useless fucked up waste of space family the better. Fat arse doesn't do fuck all for society.

  3. niamh hanley says

    It wasn't even sugar. It was a table

  4. Елена Повар says

    she later said and showed that it was marble….like cmon guys

  5. riad guenaoui says


  6. Floyd Bogan says


  7. l e a n a says

    its actually a marble table she said it she said she thought it was candy

  8. Rose Petal says

    Lol she puts her sugar in lines?

  9. Carissa Gilbert says

    yeah definately "candy"

  10. Raider Nation says

    lmao. that is cocaine. and whats even funnier is the people saying she wouldnt do that lol. because itsssss soooooooo far fetched for a millionaire in hollywood to do drugs nvm a kardashian lol. she looks coked out. theirs two lines of "sugar" bitch, please u hit a line got hyped took some selfies and fucked up. not a big deal. get it together world. -sincerely anybody with a working brain.

  11. flea. sticks says

    It's cocaine

  12. Maria C says

    Who the hell does she think she's foolin? lol that's coke, bitch. Those are a couple lines of coke for sure! Lol

  13. i love BEYONCE says

    i'm not the Kardashian's biggest fan but nobody deserves this. Can't she just post a snap without everyone coming at her? She's human too. I bet if this was some random person online y'all wouldn't care. Haters act like they never made a mistake in their life. And yall are saying some sh*t like "I know Kim and its not sugar" What do yall know about her? Other than what you see on the media. Most of the time what the media says isnt true and celebs and reporters get PAID to say and do stuff that blow our minds. So GET A LIFE, STOP HATING, AND STOP ACTING LIKE YOU KNOW SH*T CUS YA DONT!!!!!!

  14. Leslie Reyes says

    No u guys r wrong she thot is was sugar but it was actually a marble table

  15. Nick Holmes says


  16. Paul Monks says

    I knew it was marble markings from the minute I saw it and noone would believe me lol .

  17. Joel Roeber says

    What I find more interesting is the fact that she's wearing a morbid angel shirt.

  18. GoodinGames says

    dont believe her.

  19. nathan k says

    Hope she snorts battery acid by accident..

  20. Anko KryptyK says

    she then claims it was a marble table as second excuse but the lines don't match up she's caught

  21. damnright4 says

    some ones in trouble!!

  22. La Sombra Del LoBo says

    Damn that bitch high as hell!

  23. KoKo 123 says

    For the who ask if it's not coke then why is it in two straight lines, watch her snap about it, she thought it really was candy but it was really a marble table.

  24. GODZ_CKYSK8ER2K13 says

    its a marble counter guys…

  25. Long rod vanderschlong says

    Holy fuck this plastic bitch is still a thing?

  26. Adamski 0502 says

    From Dylan's candy sheeoeoap

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