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  1. Zorymar Cruz says

    You always were the same shirt

  2. Friends 4 Life says

    As I'm watching this vid……

    It's February 2018…………..

  3. Julie Kotvas says

    Selena Gomez is the best I love her song Fetish and maybe since that video was like that she meant for the vid to look like a horror movie sooo ya.!!

  4. Tabitha Runge says

    My daughter goes to Chicago. But, we do not go to that hotel.

  5. babykitty xo says

    The video of Selena and the angel wings give me legit make me cringe I feel like that actually happened

  6. Rylee Ashley says


  7. Azhena Chastillo says

    kylie jenner died and the illluminati replaced her with a clone that looks nothing like her

  8. Tanaia Jaya says

    Oh shane why you keep me up at night!!!!

  9. Justin Sanchez says

    People of the past we did not die on Saturday it is 2018 we did not die

  10. TheLifeOfHayley says

    Isn't the first tv alert from your alien conspiracy video and that played on a radio station a while ago

  11. Dana Porcayo says

    Leave a like if you think one of kanikas friends told the janitor to kill her

  12. Mj 2005 says

    Well the world didn’t end. Sorry

  13. Bro…my mom works for Crown Plaza. She literally advertises the hotel to people when big events in the area are going on…bruh

  14. Mixy Studios says

    In the picture with miquela and the other girl, look at miquela's shadow… Definetly edited in

  15. Amanda Griffin says

    The new Walking Dead is on and I can't stop binge watching Shane's conspiracy theory videos.

  16. Dominique Lafond says

    Did anyone else notice the emergency alert audio about Area 51 was also in Shane's Alien Conspiracy Theories video?

  17. Dee Marie says


  18. bingo351 says

    The first emergency alert you showed was from a radio show. But this already happened like 1000 years ago. So it was probably just a hacker

  19. flhorist says

    literally a few months later kylie jenner  comes out pregnet!!

  20. karleesawesome says

    dude my name is karlee!!!

  21. Vicky's Funny Bunny Tv says

    She was lol


    When they said the world was going to end on Saturday I was scared out of my pants then I saw when it was made then I was like oh ppffftttt lol

  22. Lauren 1002 says

    so basically, i was searching things up and I noticed that Selena´s music video was posted actually before that Jenneka was found dead so…what i am trying to say is that it doesn´t make any sense…


    Come on Shane really you heard all that from your room in the hotel but the freezer is in a part of the building that's being remodeled and I doubt you was staying in that part of the building especially if you make money from YouTube

  24. katherine56631 says

    Omg the part where Selena was in the freezer fucked me up.

  25. Samantha Holmes says

    Did you see lil Miquelas #notminechallenge– skate video? @bevmastergriff just so happened to be the person who submitted the skate video she used.
    Here's the link

  26. Olivia Chavezz says

    Sooo Kylie had her own baby can you update this please????

  27. jordan secrist says

    Dude I love your conspiracy videos, but why do you keep feeling the need to talk about low level celebrities babies becoming the leaders of the Illuminati..? Why would Kylie Jenner’s baby be chosen to lead a group of the most powerful people in the world? People who control everything and are so powerful they don’t need to be all over the news making fools of themselves. You’ve said the same bs about every other celebrity baby. The people in the illuminati are smart enough to not make some useless and insignificant child the leader of the entire world. They aren’t special, and no true conspiracy theorist actually talks about those babies becoming the leaders of the Illuminati. Hell the people who would be in the Illuminati wouldn’t associate with the disgusting celebrities you claim are leading it. They would see people like the kardashians and Kanye West as complete jokes and fools. If anything the real Illuminati would brainwash these celebrities and there children t distract us from the terrible things they are doing to the world. Come on Shane. At least try and sound believable.

  28. Emma- Lily says

    Who else is watching this after Kylie had her baby

  29. DerpGaming says

    Who wanta to form a posse and kilk all the suspects like that janitor we gone kill his ass 1st someone find him for me

  30. Shannon Leigh R. says

    The people that called during the emergency alert about the end of the world might have just been clinically insane sooo

  31. Babblesound says

    Show me tha video off you installing the CCTV showing my nibba kill here self!

  32. Skyler Laszlo says

    do a theory about fortnite

  33. Amanda Marie says

    I was watching this and the electric went out … then my WiFi was gone so I’m freaked. …

  34. Cassandra Segraves says

    16:17 not sure if I heard it write but when you asked and the voice said " we" are mickayla

  35. Olla Abbas_93 says

    Have you realized that all the conspiracy theory videos that Shane does he wears the same red shirt??? Now that’s a conspiracy right there no am just kidding

  36. Krafty Koala says


  37. Dominique Brown says

    That whole Selena freezer Kenneka freezer coincidence non coincidence kidneys angel wings thing gave me hella chills like that's legit some illuminati shit

  38. Asmar Babe says

    Hotel owners Put a camera in every room (except the Bathrooms) But other than that EVERY ROOM

  39. William Ellington says

    I don't know why the other 2/3 of your channels subscribers aren't watching this. GET ON THIS LEVEL!

  40. n.h says

    5:30 reminds me of Jane the virgin and the Marbella, the whole sin rostro and the secret underground plastic surgery parlour

  41. n.h says

    OMG the selena one shook me up

  42. Nat Kwiat says


    ya know how Kylie was pregnant and apparently she was supposed to be a surrogate and she was hiding her pregnancy so much and maybe at the end there was so many thoughts that she was pregnant that she had to come out and then not give the baby to kim

    Anyway these are just my thoughts thanks like if u agree and comment any other things u think

  43. silver circuit says

    I'm from 2018, and have a theory that, they took over Area 51. But they obviously don't want anyone knowing that they did, so they told everyone that it was okay, and it was just hacked and that it was nothing to worry about. But they're really just planning their motive, and how they're going to end the world or potentially take over the world.

  44. Mikayla Swagnerd says

    wouldn't right above the freezer be where they would want a camera

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