Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Jet Off From The UK — Romantic Vacation?


OMG! We’re finally getting our first sight of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn together! The new couple were spotted boarding a private jet out of the UK, while incognito on June 1! So, where were…

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  1. Just Me says

    This movie really sucked!!! I really wonder how many real true soldiers
    would let themselves be parades around like a piece of shit by a bunch
    of hoodwinks that just wanted to use you??? I get the patronage but that
    is whats wrong with this world now days. There are great boys and girls
    getting killed in Afghanistan and North Korea and around the world. The
    rich people of this Great American Nation think that it's alright to
    make jackasses and fools out of our Military. Well, I am here to tell
    you that it is NOT alright and this is the biggest piece of shit that I
    have watched in a very very long time!!!!!! The Rich people in this
    Nation better wake up because we are so close to another world war that
    no amount of money will be able to cover the blood stains this Nation is
    about to suffer!!!!!

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